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43 minutes
Jan 6, 2021
Podcast Episode


*Episode 328:* We are all creators - whether we're creating a podcast, a beautiful meal, music, a drawing, or our living spaces. The pressures of content creation and consumption on social media can leave us feeling disconnected with the pure joy of creation and enjoying content. At the end of 2020, Madelyn took a step back from social media and content creation and did a bit of Instagram cleansing, which then led to a reevaluation of her own time and energy, and a break from the podcast as well.

In this episode Madelyn discusses this break, how to use the stresses of 2020 as an opportunity for change in 2021, rapture, and the joy of naps.

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*Show Notes:*

* Madelyn was light on podcasts in December.
* This stressful time is not so much like "being put through the wringer" as "being put through the portal."
* Break started with Instagram break in November - deleted from phone, installed to make a post and taken off
* Madelyn was struggling with the constant pressure of social media - "Instagram hamster wheel."
* There's a difference between being a "creator" and having to "create content."
* When the creations are used to make a living, they become something different.
* Madelyn had lost sight of the actual spirit of creation in the pressure create content.
* Every creation comes with a to-do list.
* Part of our evolution as a society is also reflective of changes like this, moving to what's important.
* She's been cocooning since moving, creating her new space.
* Madelyn's word for the year: Rapture
* Madelyn wrote a book during this time, in addition to the novel she's been working on.
* Social media can be like an infant that needs constant care - even just the stress of keeping up and commenting that takes your focus away from the joy of creating for creation's sake.
* Look to how you can bring in more help for yourself this year.
* One spot for one-on-one coaching is opening up in January!

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Jan 6, 2021
Podcast Episode