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75 minutes
Feb 10, 2021
Podcast Episode


*Episode 331:* Most of us know about the Hero's Journey, the narrative template wherein the "hero" undergoes a series of patterns by which he actually becomes the hero. But what about the heroine? The feminine Heroine's Journey obviously doesn't follow the same pattern and has its own nuance and particulars. In special episode, Madelyn presents one of her full sessions from Sisu Society, outlining how to consider your own truth and story through the lens of the Heroine's Journey as described by authors Maureen Murdock and Camy Tang.

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*Show Notes* :

* This episode is a special full class from Sisu Society.
* Use special podcast code MINDBODYMUSINGS for 10% off: ( )
* This is about being brilliantly resilient in your feminine.
* Come back to your most pure, original, effortless state, which is being loved and being open.
* You have probably been living The Heroine's Journey unconsciously your entire life.
* The Hero's Journey is about what a man will endure through his life to become his own hero.
* Joseph Campbell said The Hero's Journey takes men to the place that women have been all along.
* Author Maureen Murdock disagrees with this somewhat and believes there's more to it. Get the book The Heroine's Journey here -
* The Hero's Journey is about "things that happen," while The Heroine's Journey is more about transformation, disembodying and associating.
* Women's leadership and women's sexuality are two prominent fronts in the modern Heroine's Journey.
* Write or consider your own story as fiction.
* This allows you to get distance from it, as well as explore concepts and areas you might avoid or not give yourself permission to explore in nonfictional consideration, such as memoir.
* Madelyn then walks through Camy Tang's Heroine's Journey worksheet - available here: ( )
* *Number one: the illusion of the perfect world.*
* Think of a time before a big change - what was something you needed, that you didn't know at the time?
* What archetype were you inhabiting at the time?
* *Number two: separation from the feminine, something that "jarringly separates you from the voice in your womb."*
* Not necessarily traumatic or bad, but something that changed your path - the call to adventure.
* What is the thing that happened to you? And how did you lose what you cared about, what you thought you needed to have?
* Don't judge yourself - this isn't about guilt or correction. Focus on what it's bringing up for you.
* *Number three: the point of no return, and the preparation of the journey.*
* The identification of the masculine.
* When did you separate from the feminine and how did you identify with the masculine?
* *Number four: the descent - the journey into the underworld.*
* This is the part where you'll experience the most trials.
* *Number five: the illusion of success.*
* Life is full of exquisite expansion and contraction, and going into contraction isn't failure or a less important part than the expansion or success.
* *Number six: death*.
* All is lost, the black moment.
* All is taken, the ultimate bathroom-floor breakdown, divine opening.
* This is the moment where you are face-to-face with the ultimate fork in the road or inflection point.
* *Number seven: surrender.*
* You've surrendered, and your "spiritual team" rallies around you, and you come back into the feminine.
* *Number eight: healing with the mother, rebirth, and healing with the wounded masculine.*
* Now coming into the space of conscious masculinity in rhythm with the feminine.
* Now it's about coming back into the world.
* *Number nine: r
Feb 10, 2021
Podcast Episode