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59 minutes
Mar 17, 2021
Podcast Episode


*Episode 334* : As more and more of us as individuals and as a society become aware of our own feminine/masculine and engaging in conscious embodiment, the path to equilibrium in a relationship can sometimes feel like it's become more and more difficult. The "bold masculine" impulse to operate by mandates, to organize and structure, can conflict with the more important and valuabe acts of simply being present.

In this episode, originally recorded for The Rising Man podcast, Madelyn and host Jeddy Azuma discuss boundaries, the bold masculine, and the intersection of embodiment and intimacy.

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*Show Notes:*

* Madelyn participated in this conversation on Jeddy Azuma's The Rising Man podcast -
* There's a workshop next week - Artistic Intimacy - ( )
* If you're interested in using feminine (energy) and masculine (consciousness) energetics in your day-to-day life, know that there's a playful way to handle conflict in your relationship, and are fed up with closed-hearted "lol okay" statements but don't know how to escape that space, this workshop is for you.
* What is the difference between a boy and a man?
* A boy has energy of either tiptoeing or stomping on eggshells.
* A man is more even-keel eggshell walking, more confident, more present in himself, more breath in the way he'll live his life.
* His presence allows her to be more at ease.
* Madelyn had to reprogram her constructs from upbringing - that certain emotions were "wrong."
* When she started on her embodiment path, she learned to use her physical body to reveal anger, reveal grief.
* This led to her presenting herself in relationships more in real time, avoiding language that leans on shame and blame.
* The masculine can be characterized as consciousness, depth, nothingness - the container.
* The feminine can be characterized as energy, motion, chaos - what fills the container.
* Women often get caught off guard when a man finally arrives at being in touch with his emotions, which can lead to defensiveness from both.
* Whoever is more consumed and focused on more love in the relationship, is the one in the feminine.
* You cannot be penetrated by life when you're constantly setting up boundaries - think of a sandbox instead.
* Setting boundaries is not about trying to create separation and walls.
* Men can feel dry and boring after too much focus on providing the stability they perceive as being asked of them, and deprioritizing adventure.
* Women want your truth - don't say yes if you mean no.
* Feeling the "no" within a "yes" is damaging to trust in a relationship.
* Be authentically present through eye contact, aftercare, awareness, not necessarily analyzing and structuring.
* Sometimes the more valuable work is done by not "working" on it, but being present for it.

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Mar 17, 2021
Podcast Episode