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Chase Chewning on Finding Silver Linings and Living With Intention

Chase Chewning on Finding Silver Linings and Living With Intention

FromMuscle For Life with Mike Matthews

Chase Chewning on Finding Silver Linings and Living With Intention

FromMuscle For Life with Mike Matthews

67 minutes
Apr 28, 2021
Podcast Episode


There’s no doubt that March 2020 upended hundreds of millions of lives.
Here in the US (and a slew of other places around the world), lockdowns began with the aim to flatten the curve.
In turn, this self-imposed (and government ordained) isolation has led to innumerable changes in our lives. Changes to what we do and how we work, changes to our relationships and how we interact with people (who had the foresight to buy Zoom stonk??), and changes to our mental health. It’s even changed how we eat and train thanks to closed gyms and unfettered access to our kitchen pantries and cookie jars.
The good news is while most of us didn’t want any of this to happen, we didn’t have to let it derail our good habits.
There are ways to workout effectively at home, you can still follow a meal plan and not binge on comfort food, and it’s possible to stay sane and productive without leaving your home for more than a daily walk.
In fact, me knows a guy named Chase Chewning, who’s especially good at transforming tragedy into triumph, adapting and thriving in the face of whatever life throws at him.
In case you’re not familiar with Chase, he’s a coach, podcaster (who I recently joined on his podcast, Ever Forward Radio), media consultant, and entrepreneur who I’ve had as a guest before to talk about the lesson that hardship taught him on building physical and emotional strength to find his passion and build a career in the fitness industry.
In our discussion, Chase and I chat about . . .

The realizations and changes he made as a result of quarantine

The emotional training that resulted from it

Re-building habits from scratch and re-building accountability systems

Work/life balance with working from home

Tweaks he made to his food choices and diet due to reduced activity levels and changes to training

Re-affirming your "why" for training and how this affects intentionality in all areas of your life

Accepting reality and adapting

And more . . .

So if you want to hear about how you can make the most of any situation and create your own silver linings, you want to listen to this episode!

10:49 - What are some changes you made during quarantine?
19:10 - How are you working back to your regular workout routine while quarantine is slowly going away?
29:24 - How has your diet been since quarantine?

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Apr 28, 2021
Podcast Episode