Case study:-The Tale of Two Mehtas

Presented by:Saachi Mahajan Pooja Gupta Abhimanyu

after leaving his studies(Diploma in electrical engineering) two months before his final examination.INTRODUCTION Lachhman Das Mehta and Bishan Das Mehta were two employees in weighit corporation. BDM was short. . .after leaving his M.fair. LDM joined the stores department .jovial and very hardworking and joined purchase department of Weighit corporation ltd. as chief storekeeper.COM studies.

. Kirti jain was recruited as GM in weighit corporation ltd. Dr. LDM and BDM both disliked each other.LDM joined the company 20 days earlier than BDM. Weighit corporation was in business of manufacturing mechanical weighing machines.

he used to work with Nikhil weighit. jain had gone to UK for two year training/working experience. Dr. After returned from abroad. .Dr.Before recruited in weighit corporation. jain does not join Nikhil weighit.when work with Nikhil weighit.

 Main reasons for recruiting Dr.jain are: Management of weighit corporations wanted to find out cause of lower cost of similar weighing equipment made by Nikhil weighit.  Dr. . kriti jain help to set up manufacturing facilities for suitable state-of-the-art electrical/electronic weighing machines.

jain introduced cost-reduction measures at weighit corporation ltd.Nikhil weighit realised their mistake in letting Dr. Dr. He wanted to create a Material Management Department headed by a Material Manager to whom all sub-sections would report. . they reached Dr. jain with a better offer than weighit corporation. jain join the competitor .

There arose a war between two Methas. This is case :what will Dr. This is clear to Dr.jain that by promoting anyone introduce conflict in the corporation.jain do? . LDM and BDM both claimed to be most suitable for the post of material manager.

Steps for solution of a Case Study          The Problem Boundary limits The Case Assumptions Possible Solutions Relative evaluations and selection of best option Management principle applied Implementation plan Feedback and conclusion .

The Problem To recruit a Material Manager for Material Management Department at weighit corporation ltd. .  Retaining the previous market share. Boundary limit Company harmony should not be disturbed.

To create Material Management Department headed by Material Manager.Case Dr. Manage the cost and buy best. kirti has to manage the cost price reduction measures for better competition in the corporate.suitable and efficient material for the equipments. .

Nikhil weighit will try to get benefit over the situation.jain having better and best offer for him seeing the internal situation of weighit corporation . Nikhil weighit may again approach to Dr.Assumptions As seeing the disturbances with in the employees of weighit corporation. .

 Leave the decision to the Board oF Directors of weighit corporation to appoint the Manager for Material Production unit.jain till suitable person is not appointed. .Possible Solutions  May appoint someone from outside who is professional.  May handle the job by Dr.  May appoint LDM as Manager and BDM as Assitant Manager.

Appoint someone from outside. Merits:  Good for company. . Demerits:  Spend money on expert.Relative evaluation and selection of best solution 1.  Expert may work on his own conditions.  Control on unwanted situations.

2. LDM as manager and BDM as assistant manager. Merit:  LDM knows how to manage material. jain Merits:  Manage the conditions properly. .  Work experience from UK. Demerit:  Face criticism. 3. Handle job by Mr.

Maintain harmony in company. Merits: No one will raise question against the decision. Demerit: LDM may get feeling of superior. Decision by BOD’s. 4. Demerits: LDM and BDM may have problem about .BDM knows about the technology.

Management principle applied Principle of decision making.the decision. . Selection: ‘ Leave the decision to the Board oF Directors of weighit corporation to appoint material manager for material production unit’.

Proper communication between company and employees. BOD’s should take all decisions. Feedback and conclusions Output and feedback from customers. .Implementation plan Benefit both employees and company.

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