The project hotel manages and maintains the records of the customer and rooms in hotels.This software has been designed with COBOL as front end and DB2 as back end. .ABSTRACT  THIS SOFTWARE IS MAINLY MADE FOR management of hotel .

A good hotel operation enables optimal accomodations sale. The concept of house-keeping is simplest but when one considers maintaining house of several hundred rooms reveals task become gigantic.Hence there is growing need for trained and qualified house-keeping staff. .INTRODUCTION “ATITHI DEVO BHAVA” History and mythology have always landed Indian culture for its great indian hospitality .An indian host is completely contented only when his guest are satisfied with hospitality provided.Entertaining a guest to his or her satisfaction has been a customer for soil.

  . Online booking module is the gate to entering international market supporting marketing activities and penetration into tourism market for hotels.INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE RESERVATION  Online booking module has been designed to show the hotel website visitors more than advertisement and make them online reservation customer. They can manage both online reservation via their own website and other reservation at same time by interface of hotel management system.

MODULES          About-us Locations Rooms and suites Facilities Travel-tips Contacts Reservation Cancellation Services .

MODULE DESCRIPTION  ABOUT-US: This module provide a descriptions of the hotel and the process of booking tickets.It also says how it varies from other hotels. .

 FACILITIES: This module deals with the things that are provided by the hotel to satisfy the customers. .

. Service provision often an economic activity where the customer does not generally exclusive contract. SERVICES: A service is the intangible equivalent of an economic good.

 TRAVEL-TIPS: This deals with the information which the customer need to follow in order to take care of his belongings. .

. accomodation. culture. LOCATION: This module deals with the information of geographical condition. food. tourism.

new user registration. we also accept credit cards debit cards. We also provide unique confirmation number. . RESERVATION: This module deals with information about the availability of rooms .sophistication .

 CANCELLATION: In this module we deal with the cancellation of the room booking by giving a unique confirmation number which was provided during reservation . .

A same level of security is also maintained. . the project is working with quick response. Given project has been developed in a group which helped us with different logic and ideas.CONCLUSION This project has been a great friendliness and largely providing attribute interface. The database with DB2 is frontend with CICS.


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