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Get your proposal funded

Tom Wagner Program Director Antarctic Geology and Geophysics Program

(and biasing your Program Officer in your favor)
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Improving your proposal—Part I

Do mail reviews Volunteer to be on a panel Suggest reviewers for your proposal Do mail reviews (yes, we said this twice)

Improving your proposal—Part II

Plan your logistics carefully
Initial request will guide final plan  Submit an Operational Requirements Worksheet (ORW) with proposal

Be fully aware of available resources

Ask! They are extensive…

Facil it ies

US ARC United States Antarctic Resource Center :
Geospatial data
Air photos, geologic & topo maps, related data Served digitally & hard copy

Established: Decades… Constructed: USGS Operating award: $500K/Year Staff: ~Two full-time

Ant arct ic Multibeam Synthes is D ata Portal
Bathymetric data from most Gould and Palmer cruises

Established at LDEO in 2002 Construction: NSF-OPP Operating award: $150K/Year Staff: Various

Common pitfalls
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Does not respond to reviewer criticisms Unaware of difference between intellectual merit and broader impact Not gauging proposal to requirements of work
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One field season or two? Two years of funding or three?

Failure to cite relevant literature

Some is tough to find…

NSF Awards Database: Antarctic Master Directory:

Byrd Polar Research Center: Antarctic Research Series: Volumes from AGU

United States Antarctic Resources Center: National Snow and Ice Data Center:

International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences: Proceedings Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research:

Resources II
Journals: Terra Antarctica Books: Antarctic Marine Geology by John Anderson (Cambridge, 1999) Antarctic Multibeam Synthesis:

Antarctic Sediment Core Repository: Antarctic Rock Repository: WAIS: ANDRILL: SHALDRIL:

Improving your proposal—Part V

Do you know our average mail review score?

4.0/5.0—Very Good

What are the ultimate implications of your work?
 

Would it get the cover of Nature? Is it framed to answer a globally relevant question, not just Antarctic? Bounce ideas off us. We breath, drink, eat, and sleep proposals and reviews.

Other Opportunities

Crosscutting and NSF-wide programs

Other Programs at NSF
Bio logy  Ge osciences

In ternat ional Collabor ation
 Diverse array of opportunities in Antarctica  Many countries have research programs that encourage partnerships  Required for IPY