Love, Not Yet

is the Thai film studio for new film talents with social concerns
and Love, Not Yet (2011) is our first proof

• Most of Thai audiences and the film industry itself perceive film only as an entertainment medium, not an artistic/aesthetic or social-changeable tools. • Social sector organizations are lack of effective tools in communicating their core belief in raising awareness among the society

• Social sector organizations need an effective entertainment medium to drive social awareness among their potential public • A new generation of filmmaker with an ability to produce films with inspiring and impacting social messages to the audiences.

• Create entertainment media that also social-changeable Make full-length films to distribute nation wide and reach more audiences by pushing social issues in those films to be ‘talk-of-the-town’


• Support social campaigns organized by the partnership social organization to serve the issues • Establish a social film institute to create a new generation of filmmaker

Potential Market Size

• Social sector organizations, 30 organizations including large size non-profits and corporations Thai NGOs, SET-listed corporations, social sector, government agencies, state enterprises and international organization • Potential Public Minimum of 200,000 audiences in cinemas per film

TOP 3 REVENUE SOURCES from 2013 – 2015 : ( Million US$)
Retail Distributor



Box Offic 61%

YR 2013 Box Office DVD/VCD Retail Distributor 0.92 0.33 0.22

YR 2014 1.00 0.40 0.24

YR 2015 1.00 0.40 0.24

BREAK EVEN 1.3 Million US $ per 2 films/year COMMON REVENUE MODEL
•Admission •DVD •International market



• 6.7 Million US$ per 1 feature film
( Ticket prices are from 3 – 6 US$/Seat )

• The current cost of production per movie (Unit :Million US$)
Production : S Size Movie M Size Movie Post Production Marketing Salary 0.33 0.40 0.20 50% Growth rate = 4.50%

Supporting Activities…
We compete with any mainstream films in Thai film market …But


Crossing over from documentary’s limited niche towards and tap into the mainstream segment Independent creative production team who is more unique and different film both in communication approach and storyboard Entertain and educate people through film media and social campaigns to encourage the discussion and actions on those concerning issues Community building, both audient and new generation of film makers through road show and workshop


YR 2015 onwards
• • Sustain production capacity Establish a social filmmaker institute

YR20142015 Increasing productive capacity
to produce 4 film expressing 4 different social problems per year.

YR2012• Increasing productive capacity 2013

to produce 2 film expressing 2 different social problems per year.

• Raise, at least, 1.5 Million US$ funds to make the whole process possible • Manage film budgeting, find partners/sponsors and get minimum quarantine for pre-sales • Design PR strategies & social campaigns leading people to further discussion and take actions on concerning social problems

• 20%-30% of the audiences are expected to become more aware of the presented social issue leading their positive change of behavior

for YR 2013 – 2015 (Unit : Million US$)
2013 Sales Revenue COGS Gross Profit SG&A Expense EBITDA EBIT Pretax Income Net Income IRR MIRR 1.89 1.62 0.26 0.09 0.17 0.16 0.16 0.11 23% 22% 2014 2.52 2.23 0.29 0.12 0.17 0.17 0.17 0.12 2015 2.65 2.34 0.32 0.13 0.19 0.19 0.19 0.13


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