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Law is a set of rules Click icon to that guides our add picture conduct in the society and is being enforced by government agencies since it regulates every part of the human life including personal, social and business.



protect the people that it governs. Laws define the limit of public conduct and are made to maintain public order and control. The absence of law would result in chaos and confusion. Like St. Thomas Aquinas, we believe that the ultimate purpose of law is for the common good and happiness of

Law was established to protect, punish and deter. In the very early times of humanity, law was imposed to punish the offender. As time goes on and ethics became involved, punishment has evolved into not only the punishment itself but also rehabilitation. The law was created to protect the people living under it in each respective society. There are International Laws that are created by participating countries and those laws are generally very broad because again, every society has different views on what the law should be. The law is supposed to uphold societal standards and support the interest of the people who live under it. Laws evolved by the Authority to govern the subjects so that there would be peace.

for interpreting and enforcing the laws. Understanding the law means understanding various kinds of rules that guide our conduct and how society is empowered to enforce them, whether criminal and/or civil cases. The rules themselves may be found in a number of places: constitution, statutes passed by the Congress, rules of administrative bodies, treaties, and court 7/17/12

A lawyer is

a person licensed by the state to engage in the practice of law.

The lawyers tasks include, among others, providing advice and assistance to clients on legal matters, and representing them in 7/17/12 court.

A lawyers role in the legal system

A lawyer aids in the administration of justice. A lawyer is an "officer of the court." This means that, though the lawyer is supposed to represent the client, an underlying duty binds the lawyer to the legal system itself. This duty includes rules of court etiquette and deference to judges.

One important role that a lawyer

A lawyer is a champion of justice. He is not just an officer of the court but an advocate for a government of laws and not of men. A lawyer, in response to the call of civic responsibility, gives legal advice and assistance to indigent clients. is a defender

7/17/12 A lawyer


want to become a lawyer

because I want to make a difference and do something worthwhile. Personally, I find the field of Law to be quite fascinating. I enjoy a good logical challenge and law seems to be a good career area for my talents. Nobody influenced me, 7/17/12 to fulfill the dream of my family and my very own childhood dream. Theres something about the legal profession that brings a sense of fulfillment. My father greatly influenced my

Why Silliman?

Its one of the best law schools in country. The university offers many opportunities, has competent and remarkable law professors and a system of teaching that does not only prepare aspiring lawyers for the bar but also prepares them to be committed and 7/17/12 dedicated lawyers.

He conquers who endures.

The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running.
~Author unknown