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Introduction to brand Dettol

A brand synonymous with protection from germs 1. voted consistently as India’s one of the “most trusted brands.” 2. Core value propositions of the brand are “Functional and Emotional” and the tagline says “Be 100% sure”. 3. Launched in India as an antiseptic liquid for cuts and wounds, and continued it’s monopoly for almost 50 years as an antiseptic, widely used in homes and hospital 4. Over the years it diversified it’s range of products into bar soap, liquid hand wash, body wash, talc, floor cleaner etc.

Company background
1. Reckitt Benckiser (India) Limited is one of the fastest growing consumer goods companies in South Asia. 2. In India, it has many brands namely Dettol, Harpic, Mortein, Lizol, Cherry Blossom, Vanish, Easy Off Bang, Veet, Colin, Disprin,Strepsils, Clearasil and others. 3. The Company has operations in 60 countries, sells in 180 and employs 22,000 people around the world.

Dettol: then and now

Reasons behind Dettol’s previous success: Communication strategy
1.Strongly positioned as the “best germ-killing antiseptic” 2. strong ‘Dettol-like smell’ 3. the stinging pain, when applied to wounds 4. the amber colour 5. the “clouding effect” on adding it to water –all add up to convincing the consumer about it’s efficacy 6. packaging in green and white colours associated with healthcare and the logo of a sword, re-in forces the sense of protection against germs. 7.emotional association of the ads with motherly care and protection

Diversification of products
As the managers realized that Dettol had moved out of the first-aid box to bathrooms, as a trusted bathing and shaving accompaniment and was being used as a disinfectant as well, they first diversified into bar soaps in 1981. After it’s success came up liquid hand wash and body wash. Dettol also came up with floor cleaner, handsanitizer and shaving cream.

Complete range of Dettol products

Bar soap
1.Dettol bar soap occupies a 4.9% market share 2.its major competitors being Lux, Lifeboy, Savlon, Godrej no 1 etc. 3.to compete with them based on sensorial measures like fragrance, moisturized soft skin, etc, Dettol soap variants like Dettol skin care(2004), Dettol cool(2006) came up. 4.ads to promote variants were based on seasonality

Basic communication strategy
Despite it’s appearance and usage in different variants, the basic essence of all Dettol soaps remains the same as the heritage brand, i.e., they all majorly promise “hygiene and antiseptic properties” in addition to other variantspecific benefits. This remained an edge of Dettol soaps over common beauty soaps.

Starting then and till now Dettol advertising has celebrated the role of a mother in protecting her family. Because 'If she doesn't take care of them who will?'

Seasonal communication for Dettol soaps

Seasonality in sales in rural and urban areas

Advertisers in soap category RB ranks among top advertisers
60 50 40 30 20 10 0

Hindustan Uniliver Reckitt Ltd Benkiser(India) Ltd


Wipro Ltd

Godrej consumer Products Ltd


Pricing and packaging strategies
1.To suit the needs of consumers, Dettol soaps are available in different pack-sizes and combo-pack offers. 2.Pricing also plays an important role. While Dettol original is offered at a premium price, as a part of the strategy, the penetration problems of this premium-priced soap in Bihar, Odisha, and Madhya Pradesh, urged the introduction of small-sized Rs. 6 packs.

Innovation in hand wash:
1. Dettol hand wash soap launched in 1994
2.modern, convenient and hygienic way of washing hands 3.USP of every drop of it being pure and untouched by dirty hands appealed to masses. 4.further innovative moves with launch of pouch refill pack in 2005 followed by others and then introduction of small pump pack at a lower pick up price in 2007.

Other diversifications:
1.Dettol body wash: popular mostly in the metros 2.Harpic: recognized floor cleaner 3.Dettol hand-sanitizer 4.Dettol shaving cream

Segment wise growth for Reckitt Benkiser (source: Reckitt Benkiser, figures in %)
100 80 60 40 20 0 soaps hand wash body wash

A journey: from “being 100% sure” to “Surakshit Pariwaar programme”

1.Dettol launched Dettol Surakshit Parivar, a nationwide campaign, in association with Indian Medical Association (IMA) 2.objective to promote hygiene awareness among children 3.The Programme is being undertaken at three different levels - New Mother Programme, School Handwash Programme and Hospital Programme. 4. Spread across Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, it targets new mothers, school children and the general public. 5. "Dettol 100% Attendance Award" to further encourage them to follow good hygiene

Famous brand analyst Harish Bijoor says
“It’s a journey of complete brand success. The brand was India’s first well-known antiseptic brand and it is the first B2B product to transform into a B2C brand”,

Thank you, “be healthy”!

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