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By Madison Dickinson, Nia Jackson, Keely Nowlin, Nnenda Chuku and Gaby Vereen.

Basic Saturn Facts

Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun. One day on Saturn= Approximately 10 hours and 40 minutes It takes Saturn 29.4 hours to make one complete revolution around the sun. This would mean on Earth you would be approximatley 60 years old, while on Saturn you would be two years old. Saturn is a Gas Giant. This means that Saturn has rings. Saturn's rings are more noticeable than all of the other Gas Giants' rings. Saturn is not known to have a solid surface. This means you could step on the planet and get sucked in. You would eventually die.

Why we chose Saturnc

We chose Saturn because didn't know much about this planet. The more research we did, the more we found out this was a VERY hard planet to inhabit. We definitely had to think outside the box for this project. Through this presentation, you will see how we plan on inhabiting Saturn and how much work we have put into this project. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride(:

Getting to Saturn
To get to Saturn, We have made Freight Passenger Shuttles. These can also be known as 'Ric Shuttles'. These Shuttles will hold 75 people. The ride to Saturn will be VERY tiresome. The ride will 3 years and 2 months. It will be worth it when you arrive at your new home.

Transportation on Saturn
On Saturn, Everyone will be given a hovercraft to use to their advantage. As we mentioned earlier, Saturn is not known to have a solid surface. In addition, There will be Ric Shuttles on Saturn. These are smaller than the ones we provided to get you to Saturn. The ones that stay on Saturn will have 30 seats. We will refer to these Ric Shuttles as "Public Transportation." These are like City Buses for Saturn.

Housing/Shelter on Saturn
On Saturn, Everyone will live in their own house just like on Earth. The houses will look identical to the ones on Earth but there is one exception. Houses on Saturn will be on huge hovercrafts, floating above Saturn's surface. If the houses were not supported by the hovercrafts, the houses would sink into the planet.

Farming on Saturn
On Saturn, We have discovered acids in the grounds. These acids could be used as nutrients for any plant we plan of growing. The plants will sink into the ground. This will cause the plants to grow faster because they are being exposed to more nutrients. This also helps the roots to grow larger.

Water Source on Saturn

Scientist have recently discovered that there are snow balls and glaciers on Saturn's rings. These snow balls and glaciers can range from centimeters wide to meters wide. We plan on harvesting the ice from the rings on Saturn. When we do this, we will bring the ice back to Saturn. After wards, We will purify the water and use it for drinking water and farming water.

The End!
This is the end of our presentation. We hope to see you on Saturn soon(: