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Educating Multigenerational Nurses

Rene Mace, RN/BSN Kaplan University MN 510-Unit 6

Identify the three generations as:
The Baby Boomers Generation X The Millennial

Identify Possible Conflicts

Define Teaching Techniques for all three.

If You Ask Yourself?

How and Where did Kennedy die?
Veterans and Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials

The Baby Boomers (1946-1964)

The Largest Generation Sense of Uniqueness and Privilege, Optimism Questioned the Status Quo Protested against Civil and Minority Rights Marched Against the War Disintegrating Family Values

Generation X (1965-1980)
Smaller than both the other generations View Education as a way to get there Adult oriented from a very early age Termed the Latch key children The first to seek a balance between work and life Cautions and Conservative with money

Millennial Generation
Group Oriented, Very Social Optimistic and Confident Ethnically diverse Technologically Advanced Grown up with out expectations of a nuclear family. Merging Families Money is earned to spend.

All Three Generations

Possible Conflicts
Different style of communication Dissimilar Values Idiosyncratic style

Teaching Techniques-Continued For The Baby Boomers

Give enough time for Baby Boomers to hone new skills Do not like Role Playing activities Enjoy Team Projects Organize materials with headings and relevant information.

Teaching Techniques- Continued for Generation X

Balance between School/Life Use Pop Cultural examples Lots in individual feedback Short lectures (15-20 minutes) Use Bullet points when giving instructions Use Graphics

Teaching Techniques-Continued for the Millennials

Give lots of activities with many steps Use up-to-date technology and references Tie course and program goals with economic gain Allow creativity in their presentations Give additional reading and learning activities to supplement learning.

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