OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT Research methodology  Limitaions  .


to have fun  · Keep channels of communication open  · Trust.  . failure accepted  · Contacts with external sources of information  · Independence. initiatives taken  · Support participatory decision-making and employees’ contribution  · Experiment with new ideas.MAIN POINTS TO INCREASE OR ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY IN A COMPANY ARE · To be happy.


It really helps to think of creativity as a skill or set of will make them more entertaining and you will get more used to expressing your abilities. read comic books or magazines you wouldn't normally get. one can get better at using them. Review your journal regularly and see what ideas can be developed. This keeps the brain busy with new things.CREATIVE THINKING SKILLS CAN BE LEARNED !!!   Study books on creative thinking techniques and put them into practice Attend courses on creative thinking and put the ideas into practice. So whenever you have a chance try and do mundane things in novel ways . By practicing.  Develop an interest in a variety of different things.  Don't work too hard -you need time away from a problem to be creative after periods of intense focus. as soon as you get them. sketches. ideas.  Keep a daily journal and record your thoughts.  Indulge in relaxation activities and sports to give the mind a rest and time for the subconscious to digest information. It is a common trait of creative people that they are interested in a wide variety of subjects. etc. . For example. preferably well away from your normal sphere of work.

Allow yourself to daydream Ask questions Have a sense of humor Tolerate ambiguity .SECRETS TO CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING              Be an optimist Take your time Get enough information Brainstorm by yourself Redefine the problem Plan for results Break the routine Make a minus a plus Don't give up.

Don‟t have a blank sheet of paper.‟ .CREATIVE TECHNIQUE  “How do you come with a creative idea when faced with a blank sheet of paper?” „Easy.

"That's not logical"  Following the rules  Being practical  Being afraid of making a mistake  .ROADBLOCKS TO CREATIVITY Thinking there is one right answer  .

KICK START CATALOGUE Without words “a picture is worth a thousand words”  Mixing & Matching  Comparative Juxtaposition  Symbols and signs  Change the product  Alternative Uses  Double meaning   .


Headline: Fevicol Ka Jodd Hai Tootega Nahin…  Agency: O&M (National Winning Award)  Client: Pidilite Industries  .

VW “TALKING NEWSPAPER” An innovative application of creativity in a single newspaper ad achieved 12% of Vento’s annual sales target in one day  Headline: People read newspapers. Till we made the newspaper talk! …  Agency: Mediacom Communications Pvt. Ltd.(Best innovative award EMVIES 2011)   Client: Volkswagen .


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