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Aim of Education-All round development Need of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) School Based Evaluation as an alternative paradigm for quality evluation at primary stage

School Based Evaluation Scheme: What does it mean?   Evaluation which goes continuously (formally and informally) along with the process of teaching and learning for all round growth and development of the learners Provides wide range of opportunities for successful implementation of CCE in school system .

Contd….  All the learning experiences provided to students through school curriculum both in and outside of the school are taken care of and evaluated systematically .

SBE is an integral part of the teaching learning process of the school rather than done at a specific point of time. . SBE is mostly formative in nature. SBE provides opportunities to teacher to maintain records of all children in all domains of personality using evaluation as a quality control device. Therefore.Characteristics of school based evaluation scheme     School based evaluation at the primary level is based on the assumption that the teacher knows his/ her pupils best. s/he should take the responsibility of pupil evaluation from the day one till they complete the primary stage.

SBE help the teacher to use absolute grading on five point scale by converting range of marks in scholastic areas and three point direct grading in other areas .Contd……     SBE provide opportunities for the use of multiple techniques of assessment/testing such as written. SBE provides evidences of development/ progress of students to teachers. assignments etc. by the teacher to understand the learning ability of the learner. portfolio. SBE provides correct picture of the learning progress of the child in scholastic and co-scholastic achievement areas. students and parents to arrive at right decision. observation. oral. interview.

Research Questions   Does the SBE Scheme help in developing scholastic and coscholastic attributes among primary school students? Does the SBE Scheme ensure continuous assessment of student’s performance? .

1 Kendriya Vidyalaya No.3 Siripur Sevashram Rasulgarh Seveshram Nayapali Ashram School 325 Students 631 students 328 students 157 students 168 students 154 students .SAMPLE Demonstration Multipurpose School Kendriya Vidyalaya No.

. The teachers were confident to record the performance of different activities of students in the prepared register.discussion progrmmme and hands on experience were given to them by visiting pilot schools.Method and Procedure   All the teachers of sampled schools were trained/ exposed to the School Based Evaluation Scheme thoroughly in the orientation –cum.

.Contd…   The progress of the students in scholastic and co-scholastic areas were recorded through absolute grading by using a 5 point scale and direct grading by using 03 point scale The data regarding the student’s performance were analysed with the help of percentage and graph.

parents and teachers for further development.Majorfindings  Scholastic Area    Due to SBES the teachers have developed expertise in the preparation of balanced question papers in different subjects. The percentage of mastery level performance of students have increased from1st term test to last term test may be due to continuous involvement of teachers and students in the process of learning vis-à-vis with the accurate measuring tools developed by the teachers. . The recording procedures of all the relevant aspects of results of the learners provided continuous feed back to learners.

No.1 all the students of Class-I has 100% achievement in English language as compared to D. peer learning. 6.M. . parents interactions and self-learning etc.V. In KV No. which provided a scope and opportunity to strength the cognitive capital and learning achievement of the learners. School (91%) and K. re-teaching. 5. In all most all the sampled school the learning achievement level of the learners has increased from lower to higher range.Contd…    The teachers are well conversant in preparing and using diagnostic tests and able to organize remedial instruction in the form of individual assignments.III (83%) respectively.

K. Math (84%) and English (91%) as compared to the students of Class-III of K.III students have also achieved 100% performance in all the school subjects as compared to Siripur Sevashram in RL (52%). KV No. No. and EVS in Class-I as compared to Siripur Sevashram in RL (25%) and Nayapalli Ashram School in Math (20%) and EVS (25%) respectively.Main Findings    All most all the students of KV No.1 have achieved 100% performance in English.V. and Math.1 in (RL 90%) .V. No. 28% in Math. and 38% in EVS respectively.III students of Class-III have secured highest percentage in EVS (95%). In Class-II. RL.

I students have secured highest percentage in EVS (95%). No. Math (91%) and RL (89%) as compared to KV No.III students have secured 91% in English language.V.III in Math (85%) performance. No.I students have secured higher performance (A and B grade combined) in the subject of English (89%).V. RL (89%) and EVS (97%) as compared to K. Class-V K. No. Class-V Rasulgarh Sevashram students have secured 100% performance (when A and B Grade combined) in EVS as compared to all other sampled schools.V.    In Class-IV it is noticed that K.Contd…. .

  Class-V Rasulgarh Sevashram students have secured 100% performance (when A and B Grade combined) in EVS as compared to all other sampled schools. Although the Ashram and Sevashram Schools of Welfare Department. .Contd…. Government of Orissa have not achieved mastery level performance in different classes and different subjects yet the performance of the learners are encouraging.

 The recording procedures of SPQ of the learners provided the direction of development and feedback to the teachers and learners regarding the affective domain of the learners. Co-Scholastic Area  The most important aspect of SBES is that it helps the teachers to understand the techniques of assessing the social personal qualities in terms of observable behavior from Classes-I to V. which is also an achievement on the part of the school. which is the greatest achievement in the school sector.  . The teachers are able to use direct grading in 3 point scale to measure the SPQ is an achievement for them.Contd….

regularity.  The teachers.Contd…. In Class-II more or less Siripur Sevashram children does not acquire the SPQ up to mastery level in the areas of regularity. protecting environments and respect for elders. parents and learners to some extent have realized the importance of SPQ in life and developed a feeling of mental satisfaction to every one. discipline.   . protecting environment and respect for elders. In all most all the sampled schools it is noticed that the Class-I learners have adequately acquired all the traits at the mastery level except in the Siripur Sevashram in the areas of cleanliness.

.Contd…. It is also revealed that Class-V children of Nayapalli Ashram School do not have mastery level performance in discipline. Rasulgarh Sevarshram children are also lacking behind in cleanliness and regularity whereas all the children of Siripur Sevashram do not have mastery level performance (A Grade) in any of the SPQ traits during the implementation of the scheme. cooperation and protecting environment of SPQ traits.    In Class-III it is noticed that no students have achieved grade-A of SPQ traits in the areas of cleanliness. cooperation and protecting environment in the Nayapalli Ashram School where as it is not achieved upto mastery level in all the traits in Siripur Sevashram. In Class-IV it is seen that all the SPQ traits of Nayapalli Ashram School except respect for elders and all the children of Siripur Sevashram do not achieve A grade in any of the SPQ traits.

In this context the role of the total functionaries of educational sector from grass root level to top must come forward in open mind to implement the school based evaluation scheme in their jurisdiction to fulfill the dreams of different recommendations of commission and committees for all time to come.Conclusion     It is a fact that the practice of school based evaluation has restore the faith and trust of the masses by making it useful for all round development of the children in the school Since we need to develop all the qualities simultaneously among the learners during the school hours it is one of the viable bibles for the working teachers. It also gives the scope and opportunity to parents to know about their wards and his/her progress in all the domains. .

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