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Structural implementation


Structural considerations
It is the arrangement of tasks and subtasks required to implement a strategy. An organisation components in this: 2.Grouping departments. of specifies three

1.Formal reporting relationships. individuals into

3.Design of system to ensure effective

7/23/12 Types of organisation structure Vertical  Specialised tasks of authority and regulations communication decision making on learning  Hierarchy  Rules  Vertical  Centralised  Emphasis .

7/23/12 Types of organisation Horizontal structure  Shared tasks authority  Flexible  Few rules and regulations  Horizontal communication and sharing of information decision making on learning  Decentralised  Emphasis .

7/23/12 Structure and strategy strategy determin es structur e affects .

Why structural implementation is needed? 7/23/12 .

 Organisation  Organisation . are the most complex. are bigger in terms of are wide and scattered. size.Stages ofdevelopment of organisations  Organisation 7/23/12 follows the following life cycle:  Organisation  Organisation are small scale enterprises managed by single person.

7/23/12 Types of organisational structures  Entrepreneurial Owner manager Employees .

7/23/12 Functional structure .

7/23/12 Divisional structure Corpor ate finance General manager division A Chief executive officer Corpor ate legal/H R General manager division B HR manage ment Operatio ns HR mange ment Opertaio ns Marketi ng Marketing .

7/23/12 Sbu structure CEO Group head SBU 1 Division A Division B Division C Group head SBU 2 Division A Division B Division c Group head SBU 3 Division A Division B Division C .

7/23/12 Network organisational structure .

7/23/12 Other types of structure  Product based structure based structure structure intrapreneurial structure  Customer  Geographic structure  Intrapreneurial .

7/23/12 Organisational design and change  Structural dimensions: Formalisation Specialisation Centralisation Professionalism Personnel ratios .

7/23/12  Contexual dimensions: Environment Goals and strategy Culture Technology size .

7/23/12 Structures for strategies Stable environment Mechanical system design Efficient performance Turbulent environment Natural system design Learning .

7/23/12 Structure for business strategy .

7/23/12 Structure for corporate strategy .

Structure for internationalisation strategies 7/23/12 .

7/23/12 Organisation system and processes  An organisational system is a set of interacting elements devised to accomplish a process.  An . organisational process is a series of actions undertaken to achieve a predetermined result.

7/23/12 Systems in organisation  Information  Control  Reward system system system .

7/23/12 THANK YOU .