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Moral Issue Connected with Suicide

Are there conditions under which suicide is morally justified, and if so, which conditions?, Should other individuals attempt to prevent suicide? Should the state criminalize suicide or attempt to prevent it? Is suicide ever rational or prudent?

Different Angle Seeing Suicide (a) Philosophers View from The Gang of Three

Suicide is always wrong because it represents our releasing ourselvesor our souls from a guard-post or our bodies the gods have placed us in as a form of punishment !!!!!!!!!!

that suicide is disgraceful and its perpetrators should be buried in unmarked graves


is somehow a wrong to the state, though he does not outline the nature of this wrong or the specific vices that suicidal individual exhibit.


suicide can be morally permissible, and even praiseworthy

Fish is what I want; bears palm is also what I want. If I cannot have both, I would rather take bear's palm than fish. ( ). Yi is also what I want. If I cannot have both, I would rather take yi than life .


Some thinkers have had positive, or at least neutral, views on suicide.

Some philosophers are known for their pessimism and philosophical clarity view suicide as the greatest comfort in life.

Schopenhauer affirmed: "They tell us that suicide is the greatest act of cowardice... that suicide is

wrong; but when it is quite obvious

that there is nothing in the world to which every man has a more unassailable title than to his own life and person !"

asserts that the right to suicide is a right of noninterference


Suicide is the most basic right of all. If freedom is self-ownershipownership over one's own life and body

Buddhisms first precept is to refrain from the destruction of life, including oneself, so suicide is clearly seen as a negative form of action
Buddhism in its various forms affirms that, while suicide as self-sacrifice may be appropriate for the person who is an arhat, one who has attained enlightenment

Buddhism does not condemn suicide, but rather states, what the reasons for it are. soul would repeat the suicide action every 7 days until find another die unnaturally then reincarnate to a short and unnaturally died life or when his life end without suicide.

..we are God's property and so suicide is a wrong to God akin to theft or destruction of property.. Aquinas (1273)

suicide is a sin because:

Suicide is contrary to natural self-love Suicide injures the community Suicide violates our duty to God

committing suicide is considered a violation of the code of ahimsa and therefore equally sinful as murdering another.

. . Hinduism accepts a man's right to end one's life through the non-violent practice of fasting to death, termed Prayopavesa.

Suicide as one of the greatest sins and utterly detrimental to one's spiritual journey. Most Muslim scholars and clerics consider suicide forbidden, including suicide bombings

He who commits suicide by throttling shall keep on throttling himself in the Hell Fire (forever) and he who commits suicide by stabbing himself shall keep on stabbing himself in the Hell-Fire." "And do not kill yourselves, surely God is most Merciful to you."
(Extract from Al-Quran)