Opportunities for Partnerships

South Mountain Webinar

July 24, 2012

Mission: To protect, conserve, and enhance the Commonwealth’s aquatic resources and provide fishing and boating opportunities

Types of Acquisition
 Public Fishing Access and

Conservation Easement

 Fee Simple Acquisition

Public Fishing Access Easements
 Creates a 35 foot riparian buffer along the stream.
 Allows for public access for fishing & non-

motorized boating.
 Program is most active in Erie and Upper Juniata

 Projects in development in Bedford and Warren


Public Fishing Access Easements
 Compensation: Value is determined by an Appraisal
 VPA/HIP funding- Sept. 30 deadline  DCNR funding in Upper Juniata

Watershed with LJRA
 Erie Stamp Funding- available in select areas of Erie

County and Crawford County

 Option/Sales Agreement
 Commission Approval

 Signature Process
 Due Diligence Process  Prepare and Circulate Deed  Hold Settlement

12 to 18 months

Due Diligence Requirements
 Title Search  Mineral Rights  Rights of Ways  Mortgages  Other Liens
 Environmental Assessment

 Review of existing improvements  Roads and Bridges  Buildings

Public Fishing Access Easements
Advantages for the Land Trust
• Easement may meet public

access requirement for DCNR grants. • Could bring additional resources to the deal. • Opportunity to partner with PFBC to improve in-stream habitat.

Public Fishing Access Easements
Advantages for the Landowner

Compensation in some areas of the state. Liability protection under RULWA. Assistance from Water Conservation Officers. Improvements to in-stream habitat. Landowner determines where anglers access the waterway.

• • • •

Will They or Won’t They?
 Location, Location, Location  Priority Watershed  Wild Trout Stream  Adjacent to other easements  Due Diligence elements
 Ongoing maintenance  Stewardship

Partnership Examples
 Little Juniata River Association  DCNR grantee through C2P2  LJRA does landowner outreach  PFBC matches funding & holds easements  Western PA Conservancy  PFBC grants funding for acquisition. (Restricted funds)  PFBC receives donated easement.  Projects in the Works  Yellow Creek Coalition, Caldwell Creek TU Chapter  PFBC purchases a public fishing access easement.  Partners do landowner outreach, guide appraiser

Contact Information
Jackie Kramer Statewide Public Access Program Director PFBC P.O. Box 67000 Harrisburg, PA 17106 717-705-7845 jakramer@pa.gov

Access Strategy: www.fishandboat.com/accessplan.htm