Sanyasi Rao
Assoc. Prof. & HoD

Dept. of ECE, BIES


is easy to use and

can be an effective way to divide information

into digestible chunks

Some suggestions to help make
your PowerPoint Presentations more MEMORABLE.

Don't Overload the Presentation

 The







everything you want the audience to know.  It is human nature.  Remember, ruthlessly. the presentation is more

interesting to you than to your audience, so edit

Keep the word count DOWN

The golden rule is keep the word count down.

It is easy to take words out.

Use IMAGES instead of Words

 Wherever possible use images.

 Images are easier on the audience and they help to refocus the audience's attention on you.

12 slides are usually better than 24

There is no magic number as to how many
slides you can have but as a general rule 12 slides are better than 24.

It really depends on what you have on your


Know your AUDIENCE

Some people want the minutiae, some don't.

Vary the FORMAT

Whether you are using bullet points, graphs or bar charts, too much repetition is dull so change

it around a lot.

Use an APPENDIX for the extra detail

If your presentation is doubling up as a document that must include more information

than you need to present, then put the extra
information in an appendix.

Make it easy to READ
 Your presentation should be easily read at the back of the room by the person.

 Use generously-large fonts and make sure there is
enough color contrast between text and background

 Colors that look ok on your computer screen will not
necessarily projector.  Use easy to read fonts. be displayed as clearly through a

Don't read the slide out LOUD
 Find something new to say that isn't on the slide.

 Don't read the slide out loud; the audience will have read it for themselves long before you finish.

Practice makes PERFECT
 Practice your delivery.
 When you are practicing, speak the presentation out loud.

Think about the TONE
 Tone of voice is important and this will
depend on what the presenter feels comfortable with given the audience and circumstances.  Presentations are mostly improved by humor and informality - it helps the audience relax and gives them a reason to pay attention.

Give your Presentation a Narrative Quality
An important point to remember with PowerPoint is to include the cues and connecting words that link slides together. Examples :  however  because of this

 nevertheless

Treat your Audience as GUESTS
 Remember your presentation slides are a prop: you master, slide servant.  Do not defer to the slide. Look at your audience, not the screen.  Remember, it is a punishable sin to turn your back on the audience.

 Smile at the audience. Be warm in words and
body language. Make eye contact.

Know how to USE the PowerPoint program
Knowing how to use PowerPoint to its full potential can help give your presentation more professional gloss.

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