“Leadership has been defined as the ability to hide your panic from others”

Power by: Ali Hadi

What you are seeing are only the symptoms. What do you think is the disease?


“Don’t think through”

“You can put lipstick on a pig but the pig remains a pig”


“Completely unconscious to reality”

“Too much money in the hands of too many greedy idiots”


“Creating a false culture”

“Over paid, over valued, over hyped ”

“Women and Children last”

“Your success comes when other people deal with you, not when you deal with others”


“6 / 20 vision”

“When markets actually manifest themselves you are left with duds”


These are your Weapons of Mass Destruction

= Businesses without value creating models sustainable = Lots of money in the hands of greedy, stupid people who don’t know what to do with it = Global Meltdown

…over the last 15 years, there were way too many artificial jobs created...doing financial engineering, structuring products, valuebased consulting, etc. too much greed. focus on instant rewards, in terms of money, positions & authority... it had to end one day. people knew it would (just like they did with the real estate boom). but everyone thought (hoped) they would make their packet before it ended…

Don’t Panic From the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

Earth = Mostly Harmless



People who “do work” are always Over valued in terms of salary. They are called “non-performers” or “under-performers” They are seen as “replaceable skills” “Seats” They are the first to be sent to the guillotine.

People who “contribute” are under valued in terms of salary. They are “the rainmakers” the troubleshooter” “the people who deliver” “the game changers” etc. They are rewarded not just with money but with respect, trust, honour and a lifetime of goodwill. They are never touched.

In the long run, contributors make more than people who just do their jobs There are many batsmen who can hit the ball for six and score at more than a run a ball So can Sehwag But Sehwag is a “Game Changer” – not just in physical terms but mentally as well Sehwag will stay on (even if he fails a few times). Regular batsmen will come and go

Focus on what you can do – controllable. There is nothing you can do about the markets, the economy or anything. So don’t waste time worrying about it

Know what role you want to make. Know what contribution you can make. Actively evolve yourself to make that contribution

Be a practitioner, not a processor people who'll \"do what it takes“ people who will not wait to be told what to do people willing to put in the hours...the sweat, the blood & the tears people who won't complain people who'll look at the big picture...and the long-term People who focus on learning...high on learnability People who have some functional skill along with the ability to make sense of the whole

Go beyond the obvious, there is always a business that is just right for you. If you apply your mind, contribute and be a true practitioner, you can make any business profitable

Get rid of the glorified and very distorted view of industries and the world be prepared to jump in to the trenches and dig.

The smartest and most motivated young people are no longer itching to become investment bankers and lawyers. Applications to work on the Obama team are over 300,000 (up from about 44,000 at this point in the Bush administration). Students are deciding to become fellows at Acumen or to set up innovative small businesses or volunteer their time or bootstrap a music career. Perhaps we're on the verge at getting much better at making useful things, spreading ideas that matter and helping people, and not quite so good at leveraging capital for financial institutions. Imagine what would happen if 5,000 investment bankers or 500 M & A lawyers put their talents to work doing something else...
- Seth Godin, “The Best and The Brightest”, on Seth Godin’s Blog

Stay away from the Weapons of Mass Destruction

Some hot contribution areas Waiting for bright young people To take up

Solving billion last mile problems many times over.

Transforming protection Overdosed landlord Organizations to compete, Deliver true customer value And thus be profitable.

A new credit model, now that the Old one has been proved to be ineffective. A model that understand human beings and Helps lender and borrower to grow.

A cleaner, more efficient system Of doing business-production, Services, management-the works Better cars, transportation, energy, Materials, better planet.

All These Can Be Done We call it Transformational Consulting (but that’s for another day)

There are enough good guys around who need new young energy for growth.

Don’t Panic

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