Competency Mapping SAMSUNG

Group 7

Competencies of SAMSUNG 7/26/12 .

Competencies of SAMSUNG 7/26/12 .

Roots of competitive advantage 7/26/12 .

Samsung considers development of employees strategic to success and “Making rounds” encouraged as a key management practice. Samsung Electronics focus on creating agents of change.Structure Samsung has 4 main groups with 14 divisions which incorporates 59. 7/26/12 .000 employees.

• Samsung worked not only invested hugely in brand creation campaigns worldwide ($3billion marketing budget per year). Samsung decided to position itself by developing innovative products and become leader rather than a follower.creating awareness of its name by investing enormously in million-dollar brand making campaigns. • 7/26/12 . • In order to create a different image. but also remained ahead of the market by introducing innovation.Strategy Samsung opted more towards advertising and brand making strategy .

• 7/26/12 . Samsung Electronics is profit focused and decisive. and marketing. production.Systems In 2002 and 2003 Samsung has invested heavily in research and development. • The group intends to build a 24-hour research and development system which will continuously develop and stimulate demand.

• 7/26/12 .Style A simple business philosophy: to devote their talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society. • The leaders search for the brightest talent from around the world and give them the resources they need to be the best at what they do. The result is that all of their products – from memory chips that help businesses store vital knowledge to mobile phones that connect people across continents – have the power to enrich lives.

• 7/26/12 . • Led by the HR Development Centre.Staff To provide employees with access to comparable levels of training programs which is consistent and regardless of location. • There’s also an expert development process in which helps employees to inculcate a wide range of skills to become experts in their fields. Samsung has set up a unified global education portal and mobile education system. there are diverse program which offer training departments according to business division and work functions.

Shared values v People focus v Adapting to change v Co-prosperity 7/26/12 .

proficiency in Very Large Scale Integration and microprocessor programming are preferred by Samsung. • At the highest level.Skills Samsung invests heavily on building a strong R&D base which leads to innovations across various product lines. Samsung breeds employees with high technological skills. • At entry level as well. skills such in manufacturing semi-conductor chips. • 7/26/12 .

7S Framework for Samsung Cost Effectiveness Reliability Innovation Close External relations Structure (strong distribution network) 7 (low-cost core product) 8 (advertising and brand positioning) 8 (shared core (high (customer competencies) investment in feedback) 7 8 R&D) 9 (proficiency at all levels) 7 (pioneers in VLSI) 9 Agility (strong distribution network) 8 Strategy Systems Skill Style Staff Shared values (breeds leaders (26% of staff )8 in R&D) 8 7/26/12 .