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New Delhi BrijBhushanSinghal(Chairman) Neeraj Singhal(MD) Cold rolled, galvanized, color coated tiles,drawn tubes,strips wire rods, alloy billets, sponge iron Rs.4202 crore www.bhushan-group.org

•India’s 3rd largest secondary steel producer company.SWOT ANALYSIS •Strong managerial capabilities. •Low unit of labour cost. . •Poor quality of basic infrastructure like roads. •Modern new plants and modernized old plants WEAKNESS •High cost of capital. STRENGTHS •Abundance of iron ore and coal. •Lack of expenditure in research & development. •High cost of basic inputs and services. ports etc. •Lack in advertising their products.

 Exposure to new technology & marketing is a big advantage. THREATS  Threat from competitors.OPPORTUNITY  Unexplored rural market. . China becoming net exporter. SAIL & TISCO. packaging.  Increasing level of foreign steel producer in India.  Higher duties and taxes  Market fluctuation & increase in china export possibility.  Opportunities from other sectors like automobiles. engineering industries. main competitor s are TATA. irrigation &water facility.

• Economical factor  The Indian steel industry have entered into a new development stage from 2005-06.PEST ANALYSIS • Political factor Co-ordination and planning of the growth and development of Steel Prepare and implement road maps for technological and productivity improvements benchmarking them to global standards.  The exchange rates play a major role in EXIM trade. Any fluctuations in exchange rates directly affect the importers and exporters . riding high on the resurgent economy and rising demand for steel.

a new scheme named ‘Scheme for promotion of R&D in the Iron & Steel Sector’ has been included with a budgetary provision. It is indispensable in the welfare of mankind. .  Customer’s preferences for steel are strongly in favor of the industry for the commodity of necessity • Techonoligcal factor : Insteel sector.• Social factor: The industry is proud of contribution that steel makes to the modern society.

Executive Team and employees are encouraged to take personal responsibility for furthering these values through adherence to our conventional principles .conclusion • Bhushan steel is the private steel industry • The company has manufacturing units in the state in India and sales network is across many countries • Bhushan Steel promotes a positive work relationship where the Board of Directors.

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