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My Market 50


T o h a v e L e a d s 7/29/12 Why My Market 50? .

F r i e n d s R e l a t i 7/29/12 How to generate My Market 50 .

W h i l e g e n e r a t i 7/29/12 Do’s in My Market 50 .

Titl e Briefing on Cold Calling .

Cold Calling At Angel 7/29/12 .

Why Cold Calling 1st Month --- Minimum 3 Accounts with 30000 margin 2nd Month --- Minimum 6 Accounts with maximum margin 3rd Month---- Minimum 9 Accounts with maximum margin How are you going to Get these Accounts? 7/29/12 .

N a t u r a l M a r k e t 7/29/12 Ways to Generate Quality Leads .

Cold Calling • • • Have you anytime done Cold Calling? If Yes how many Hours? How many maximum Leads you can bring in 2 Hours? Are You ready to Take the Challenge?? 7/29/12 .

F o r E x a m p What will you talk to the customer? e : R o h a n 7/29/12 : .

Now the ??? If you can bring 12 leads in just 2 hours time. • Even if we consider 2 Appointments. you would be actually generating 300 Leads in a month • How many appointments you have got in those 12 Leads……2. 3. you have got 50 Appointments apart from your other references • Out of 50 Leads even if we take 5% conversion it would be 3 Accounts for the 1st month 7/29/12 • .

We will discuss the same TOMORROW 7/29/12 ..And the reward would be…….

• • • • • Road Shows Canopy Marketing ATM Activity Stall Activity Brochure Distribution 7/29/12 .

B r a n d A w a r e n e s 7/29/12 Activities .

Multiplexes. ATM.• • • • • • • Concentrate on an area where there is maximum Footfall The Area where the maximum Salary range of the Footfall would be 1500020000 Malls. Banks Industrial Area Corporate Area Residential Complexes Market Area 7/29/12 .


Reminders and view additional task assigned by Supervisors. Ø Incentives Ø Click to edit Master subtitle style 7/29/12 . Ø To set Appointments.IMPORTANCE OF LMS Maintain records of all the leads Ø To view the monthly performance through KPA. Self Appraisal on continuous basis.

angeltrade.User Login Click to edit Master subtitle style 7/29/12 .

com Click to edit Master subtitle style 7/29/12 .In case of any Queries Contact : 022-33027002/3 Email: lms@angeltrade.


? Client Profiling DSR The Sales Process Taking Appointments Avoiding Pitfalls – Some Sales DOs & DON’Ts Sales Executive Process Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø 7/29/12 .Agenda… Ø Why do we need a Sales Process in place.

Gives a structured approach and representation of the organization. 7/29/12 .Why do we need a Sales Process? Ø It is a road map to guide the sales professional in facilitating their customer’s buying process. A sales process focuses on deals and opportunities Ø Ø Ø Hence it is imperative to have a sales process in place to offer better Client Service. It focuses on helping improve the sales professional’s effectiveness and efficiency.

B2C Sales Process Need Prospect list Awareness Entering in LMS Need Analysis Appointment generation Need Solution / Pitching product Need Confirmatio n Meeting the client .

Need Confirmation Customer Agree Customer Disagree Close & Asking reference Follow up & Asking reference 7/29/12 .

Process Defined Meeting the customer: Greeting the customer. liabilities. The question should be asked to get maximum information about his income. investment . Understanding the Customers needs: The executive should be asking the customer open ended questions to gain maximum information. giving Self & Company Introduction.

Follow the ABC of Sales from hereon . Need Analysis: Once the executive gets the information. Am I correct? Need Solution: Pitch the right solution to the customer’s need as per the need analysis. For E.g. Focus on benefit selling: Sell the benefits not the features. This way you are leaving no doubt of objection and closing the call easily.e.Contd. based on the information you gave me. Take a confirmation on every benefit you pitch. I see that you are looking for ………. Always Be Closing. . i. recap the customers needs.. – Sir..

You should be confident about the close and make sure the customer is not rushed in closing. you can solve them and Close the Call. . Closure: Closing is one of the most important factor in the entire Call. take a confirmation from the customer. The customer should feel comfortable while buying from you and should not be left with mixed feelings. This will make sure that the customer understands the product pitched to him. If there is any queries from customer.Contd… Need – Solution Confirmation: Once you pitch the entire product.

X the purpose of this call is to introduce you to Angel Broking Angel caters to all kinds on financial investment. X I am your name calling from Angel Broking Ltd. Y & he suggested me to give you a call. Recently I had an opportunity to meet with Mr. Do you have a moment to talk? Step2: Introducing self and General Benefit Statement   Example: Mr.Appointment Generation Step1: Greeting   Example: Good Morning / Noon. Mr. Am I speaking to Mr. X. (Use this only if reference is taken). so we not only offer you a range of investment opportunities but also give you a choice to choose the best suitable plan under one roof .

Have a nice day. with you or 11 a. Your children education & your personal retirement Step4: Seeking Permission:   Example: Keeping that in mind I am calling today to see that we can find a mutually convenient time to meet.k.k. would be better? Step5: Close   Example: O. will be o. . So Wednesday will be o.K.m. Thanks for your time.m..m. Mr.Contd…. Step3: Introducing company products/services   Example: Angel Broking is an exciting company which deals in equity services as well as in wealth management services that offers you planning of your family. X I am looking forward to meet you on Wednesday at 11 a. with you or Thursday? Are Mornings or Afternoons would be better for you? So 10 a.

before pitching anything to the client if we focus only on the concerned area and pitch him only what is needed is enough. Extra pitching will be of no use to the client. Here. • 7/29/12 Trader Client:-This type of Client of client is majorly focused on . We have to convert that client to Angel Client by exactly understanding his pain area and pitch him the right solution. Fresh Graduates.Sales Pitch General types of Customers you would meet----• Unknown about Equity markettried his hands in Equity market Have never • Curious about Equity Market:-Majority will be young working Class crowd. mostly people not less than 35 – 40 Age • Investor Client:-An Investor who is well aware of the Equity Market and has already traded with some broker.

Bonus. Where do you invest your income How much time do you spend on earning that extra source of income? How much is the return that you are getting from that investment? Do you know that you can get good returns compared to the other investments patterns In Equity. considering the last 20 years performance Equity has proven to give average returns of 17% Benefits of Equity : Dividend.New to Market… • • • • Greetings of the day A Firm Handshake Introduction : “ This is Manoj from Angel Broking” Rapport Building : Talk about general things other than equity for example his office. etc Probing for Information : Eg: Sir Apart from your present service/business do you have any extra source of income? If “Yes”. Liquidity 7/29/12 • • • • • • • • .

making him aware of the brand • Advantages of investing with Angel Broking • How we do the Hand Holding of the new clients when they are new to the market • The assistance. Knowledge what we 7/29/12 provide to the new client • . Building Trust.If “NO” • Awareness of the Equity Returns • Awareness of Angel Broking.

7/29/12 • • • • • . insurance. It is the only investment option which has given an average return of 20% in past 3 years. or.• • • • Greetings Curious about market Probing for Information : Example: Are you aware about the new trend in investment patterns? Apart from the traditional options like gold. With the assistance of the Professional hands it eliminates the risk which was previously involved with the Broking Houses. Equity is becoming best and new option. Banks etc. All very well experienced Professionals will be guiding you in the investments you make. You can anytime pump in funds if you think. liquidate your funds if you find that this is not the suitable time to invest. according to you market is in are favorable. punch in your own orders This is the only investment option where you see your returns instantly. Also we have a facility of online trading where you can do your own market study.

I f h e s a y s “ N O 7/29/12 .

We also offer you the PMS & Angel Gold products where you invest fixed funds and the rest the RM will take care. Experienced Professionals rich in their research and with our major focus on Retail clients helps us to serve you better.• Probing for Information : Example: • • • Investor Client • • • • • Sir. RM. I am sure you will be having a good experience trading with us. But there is no human touch in that software Angel provides you with the user friendly software with a Human touch. In short we adhere to our Tag Line of “ Service Truly Personalized” Sir. a dedicated Dealer. 7/29/12 . that’s great to hear? They have a great online software. Do you invest in equity May I know Sir with which broking House? (Here the RE should be aware of the market competition. We have all the transparency in all the dealings. if in case your system goes down. We @ Angel will provide you with a Call n trade facility. or you are not able to execute the order from your end. Oh! So you have an account with ICICI. 24/7 Back office support will be there for your support.

current Indian politics and world politics (Political Topics which will only have some effect on Indian Market) – If you have any Trader Client in your Kitty before your 4 months completion it is mandatory to take your Branch Manager or Team Leader to handle this case effectively.Trader Client – Rapport Building : Talking about the current market situation. 7/29/12 .

20000/. 7/29/12 . that is his daily brokerage generation and with the Branch Manager’s Decision. The above brokerage rates and Exposure limits which are to be given to any trader. he would be saving Rs.The simple calculation would be as follows: Assumed that the below mentioned trader Clients generates daily revenue on an average of 1000-1500 Assumed Turnover 1 CR 1 CR Angel Brokerage Competitor Per Day Brokerage Brokerage 2 Paise 1 Paisa 2000 1000 20 Day Brokerage 40000 20000 So monthly. solely depends on his daily Commitment.per month if he trades with Angel.

What. Probing: The art of asking questions: Open ended: Any question that opens with Who. Why.Contd. etc… and that has an answer in the form of an “Yes “ or “ No” is Close ended question Example: Can I meet you tomorrow to collect the cheque? Did you trade with angel earlier? . When.. can. Close Ended: Any questions that starts with is. Where and How and which does not have an answer that ends with “Yes” or a “No” is called Open ended Question Example: Sir when did you last trade Who did you trade earlier with How did you trade etc…. Did.

Always be willing to ask for references Pay special focus on Personal grooming aspects such as your attire.Important Points to follow Ø Plan meetings depending on the client’s convenience. cleanliness. Plan your meetings in such a way that you are able to meet several clients within the same area. and general behavioral etiquettes Never lie or make false commitments Don’t expect instant success Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø 7/29/12 .

Sales Do’s & Don’t’s 7/29/12 .

not just the sale. 3. Study the competition. 10. Focus on what you want not what you don’t. 5. 8. Get information before you give it. Set goals and monitor your progress. 7/29/12 . 6. 2. Listen more than you talk. Ask for the business. See rejection as a tool to learn about yourself. 7.DO’s 1. Keep your ego out of the sales process. Know your product/service better than anyone. Carefully observe early prospect/client signals. 11. 4. 12. 9. Keep accurate and consistent sales records.. Close a relationship.

Assume everyone buys for similar reasons. 6. Lose control of the sales process. 7. means yes. 7/29/12 . 10. 11. 3. Be afraid of rejection and failure. Assume a verbal yes. Assume you will have the business forever. Spend time with poor prospects. Give unnecessary presentations. Waste time on unimportant non-sales issues. 8.DON’T’S 1. 9. Assume all sales resistance is negative. 5. Talk too much. Assume selling and negotiating are the same. Advertise your willingness to make concessions. 12. 2. 4.

Daily Sales Report (DSR) DSR 7/29/12 .

Tel. The recipients of this report should rely on their own investigations.V. Any action taken by you on the basis of the information contained herein is your responsibility alone and Angel Broking and its subsidiaries or its employees or directors. Acme Plaza. Angel Broking All rights reserved. legal or taxation advice. Angel Broking or any of its subsidiaries or associates or employees shall not be in any way responsible for any loss or damage that may arise to any person from any inadvertent error in the information contained in this publication. Mumbai 400059. Angel Broking and/or its subsidiaries and/or directors. employees or associates may have interests or positions.Thank You Published in FYI 2009. Road. We have exercised due diligence in checking the correctness and authenticity of the information contained herein. M. 7/29/12 .: +(91) 022 39527100/ 4000 3600 This report is for information purposes only and does not construe to be any investment. opp sangam cinema. but do not represent that it is accurate or complete. corporate Off: 612. © Angel Broking 2009-10. It is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase and sale of any financial instrument. associates will not be liable in any manner for the consequences of such action taken by you. India. financial or otherwise in the securities mentioned in this report. Andheri east.

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