APPROACH PAPER TO12th Five Year Plan

Focus on faster and inclusive growth

By: Montek Singh Ahluwalia

Presented By :

Aashima Chourdia Shweta Nahar

State Planning Board  S.Deputy Chairman. Vyas – Deputy Chairman.Panel Members  Ashok Gehlot – Chief Minister of Rajasthan  Montek Singh Ahluwalia. Gupta – Convenor.S. Secretary.S. State Planning Board . Ahmed – Principal Secretary. Planning Commission  Prof. State Planning Board  D. V.

 Developed.  First five year plan was introduced in year 1951. executed and monitored by the Planning Commission. .  Period between 1989–1991  The tenth plan completed its term in March 2007 and the eleventh plan is currently underway.Introduction to five year plan  The economy of India is based in part on planning through its five-year plans.

• Identify deprivation levels and the percentage of people not getting access to essential services. . • Sustain growth rate of 9 per cent.Focus of 12th five year plan • Faster and inclusive growth amid “new structural challenges”.

• 40% children still suffer from malnutrition. • The children's dropout rate from primary schools is 43%. • Deprivation is much greater than the growth rate. like Jaisalmer and Jalore by CM Gehlot.Insights • The percentage of people below the poverty line has gone down. . • 43% women do not have access to institutional deliveries. • Mr. • Mr. Ahluwalia taken on tour to water scarcity villages around Barmer. Gehlot wanted the 12th plan to be „ Rajasthan Water Scarcity Plan‟.

• 12th Plan period would witness a private sector-led growth through the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model . • Plan would be led by private sectors. Energy 4. • Four major sectors to be focused in 12th plan 1. • Government has a different role to play. Infrastructure . Education 2. Health 3.

3 per cent of GDP. • Out of 6%.Education • Equity in education • Public expenditure to be increased by 1. 3% contribution should be by government towards health. • White cards issued to poor which can be used in both public and private hospitals. Health • National health insurance scheme for all citizens. .

• This will lead to energy price hike. demand for energy would also rise. . • The absorption of price increase in economy rather than giving subsidies would lead to faster growth. with the increase in urban population.Energy And Infrastructure • After 20 years.

• Impose cess on use of water and then refund it for generating electricity. . water supply and pricing system and development of nonconventional and renewable energy sources. minimum support prices. • Need to put reductions in water use intensity to increase availability of water.• Also touched the subjects of agricultural growth. • Solution to many issues confronting the nation would be region-specific and not a single line of action. food grain production.

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