Titan Industries


Prescription Eyewear

Currently Marketing our Products in 26 countries with a larger footprint in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions

Precision Engineering

Contribution to Total Income Other Products 4% Watches 18% Jewellery 78% .

Watch Division .

Watch Division  Underpenetrated Indian Market-Only 27 % Indians own a watch. 4.  Organized market-Titan is the market leader with 65 % market share  Market has been split into: Low end.500 cr which grew by 14% in 2011.  Highly unorganized sector selling 30 million watches each year. Premium & Luxury. Mass market. .  Valued at approximately Rs.

tycoon. utomatic. raga. Titan Industries has brought forth 4 core watch brands: . bandhan obaku.Watch Division  To capture important market segments.Titan :mid-premium segment. sunglasses. For the high-end connoisseur and newage achiever.Sonata : mass market and has emerged as India’s largest selling watch brand .Fastrack : focus on the youth. nebula. HTSE. edge . includes bags. consists of 12 collections like zoop. purple. offers a range of 3 collections-Contemporary. orion. wallets . . octane. belts. classic and sport. watches.Xylys : The premium market.

HMT. Longines Nebula XYLYS Price 5000 Rs 500 1000 2000 4000 10000 Zoop Timex 30. Rado. Carrera Tommy Hilfiger Fashion/Sporty Tag Heuer Hugo Boss C Dior .Watch Market Map Formal / Classic Raymond Weil Tissot Sonata. Maxima TITAN Citizen Omega. Swatch Fossil Giordano.000 + Fastrack Espirit. DKNY.

Watch Division-Distribution Network 9000 Multi Brand Dealers ALL INDIA 2500 Towns 334 Showrooms World Of Titan 132 Towns 106 Multi-brand-stores Fastrack retail 49 Towns 730 Centers Service Centers 270 Towns .

01% .Titan-Today Year Income PBT ROCE 2009-10 102678 14473 63.73% 2010-11 127195 18623 49.25% 2011-12 152976 21676 43.

Jewellery Division .

Jewellery – Market & Industry highlights Market •Size of market: GJ market is currently is at Rs 1.13 lakh cr by 2015 •Branded jewellery is less than 5% of the overall market •Product mix: largely plain gold 22kt.15 % the domestic ( Source :Assocham's Press Release of 21st July 2011 ) •The GJ industry in India is may to reach Rs 2. mainly retailer driven. •Most retailers are unorganised and stand alone •Absence of hallmarking •Tanishq .22 lakh cr •Growth Rate . with gem set jewellery constituting less than 10% of the market Players •Key players: Fragmented market.the first branded jewellery player (1995) .

also pioneered the concept of branded ornaments. • Over 1.influenced by various jewellery traditions of India .Offers superior finish and value to the customer •Handcrafted jewellery . • Enjoys a market share of over 40% in branded jewellery Brand Network • India’s only national jewellery retailer • 129 Tanishq boutiques •2 Zoya stores •32 Gold Plus stores in India.5 million customers shopped at Tanishq last year Customer Base Innovation •Karatmeter .The only non destructive means to check the purity of gold •Machine made jewellery .Tanishq Today – A Brief Overview • Most prominent jewellery brand in India.

fq (jewellery for teenagers) Glam Gold (fashionable traditional jewellery) collections. American diamonds and other precious stones. is specifically created for semi urban and rural Indian market. Estimated Market size over Rs 30. Taj (inspired by the Taj Mahal). Launched New Jewellery collections     Mia (jewellery for working women). as well as unique designs crafted with diamonds.000 Cr.Tanishq GoldPlus    The recent retail plain gold jewellery offering. The brand offers gold jewellery. .

Tanishq-Retail Network Tanishq 129 Goldplus 32 Zoya 2 .

23% .02% 2011-12 706416 69755 109.Tanishq Today Year Income PBT ROCE 2009-10 350419 25468 68.50% 2010-11 505480 42910 85.

Other Divisions .

.Precision Engineering Business Rationale  Leveraging Engineering capabilities  B2B business – balances risk of B2C businesses The Opportunity  India growing as a manufacturing base for precision products across industries  Cost pressures and offset requirements guarantee a long term opportunity  High cost of switching for customers  Large & growing market: The global market for precision engineering products addressable by Titan is Rs. As on 2008-09  The division became profitable for the first time in 2011-2012.135.000 cr.

Medical TSMG Study Domestic Market Only .000 Cr. •Precision components •Dash board instruments •Sub systems Aerospace Automation Solutions Domestic & International Market. Automotive Market Size Rs 575 Cr.Current position: 3 segments 3 streams Market Size Rs 135.

UK  Bosch. India  Timken. India  Tata Motors. US  Ford. US / India  Tyco Electronics. India  Turbo Energy. India  Lucas.Precision Engineering Business The Customers  Eaton. Italy  Pratt & Witney. US  Microtechnica. US  Hamilton Sunstrand. India . US  Schlumberger. India  Visteon. India  Stanadyne.

 Offers wide range of stylish and contemporary eyewear through 206 optical stores across the country .Titan Eye+  Started in 2004-05 by marketing Sunglasses under the Fastrack brand  Targeted the youth segment  Achieved a sales turnover of over Rs 25 crores in 2006-07 and Rs 40 crores in 2007-08  Pilot project for Prescription Eyewear started in Q4 2006-07  PEW business is Titan's latest retailing venture entered into the eyewear segment in March 2007  Objective was to re-define the industry and straddle the marketplace with exacting quality standards. unparalleled in India’s eyewear industry.

The Eyewear Market – An Untapped Opportunity Incidence:   30% of population typically needs correction in vision ~ 300 mn Consumers change their glasses / frames once in 3 to 4 years on an average  Market size:  25-35 million units per annum  Rs 1500-1800 crs per annum  Repeat purchase is a regular feature from adolescence to old age.  Customer lifetime value is very high Almost everyone over 40 yrs needs correction.  Growth  Market has been growing in double digits ~ 15-20% per annum and likely to sustain Margins  Overall mark ups of up to 300% exist between landed cost & retail price! .

Neo and Menz). sunglasses.  launch of three new collections .  Innovated products like hydrophobic lenses that repel water .  The Company’s retail outlets are seen as destination stores for stylish and contemporary products.  Also launched new brand of Sunglasses ‘Cabana’. lenses. which accounted for 19% of revenues from frames.(Rio.  Other offerings at Titan Eye+ comprise frames.contact lenses and accessories.Titan Eye+  Gained a reputation in providing quality eye testing through highly trained professional staff.

85%) 2010-11 243856 -1806 (15.Other divisions* Year Income PBT ROCE 2009-10 15176 -3889 (49.09%) 2011-12 32881 -448 (2.62%) *includes Titan Eye wear and Precisions engineering .

In which division to invest 1000 Cr ?? .

Retail network expansion.Investment-Rs 1000 cr 1st option Jewellery •ROCE is the Highest •Current strategy of Expansion of retail space & catering to mid segment seems to be working 2nd option Watches Strategy. acquisition of premium Luxury watch brands Launching new brands for new segments 3rd option NPD .


Presented by : Sonam Chandni Shumaila Husain Gunjan Shah Aditya Deole Namita Patkar .

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