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Introduction to College

e-Academic Administration

International Group
Institute for Information Industry

Dec. 2007
Campus e-Map
Administration Process
Improve Curricu lum
Campus Academic
Academic Affairs
Acceptance of Application
For A dmiss ion Creatin g of Curricu lum

Management Entran ce Tes t


Creatin g of
College Regis ter

Chan ging School

Creat ing of
Class Timetable

Takin g Lectures Research Paper Research Paper

Student Affairs / Dissertation / Dissertation
Registration Printing Roll Books

Creatin g Timetabl e for Reco rds

In sertin g Records

Teachi ng Profession
Con firmati on of Records

General Affairs
Assessment of
the Teach ing Profession Gradua tion Assessment

Certif icates Conf irmation of Graduation

Human Resources Regulations
Teachers R&D
Portal (EIP

e-Document Knowledge-
EIS Managmen base Patents

Staff t Management
e-Learning Academic Accounting
Online Learning Affairs DB DB KM DB

People BBS
Online Test General Affairs
Student DB
Survey HR DB Others
Affairs DB
︶ …
Network & Security Mail Server
Market information
Campus Broadband Promotion
wireless Integrated User
e-payment Environment
Enterprises Firewall Web based
LDAP / Single Sign On
Anti-Spam … Work Flow
School IDS / IPS

More Advanced Planning
Integrated Services Efficiency Enhancement
• Provide students, parents, • With successful ERP experience,
faculty, management create unbarrier environment by
(chancellor, VP…), introducing OOP technology, and
integrate different function
community with full
modules into system to enhance
spectrum integrated service efficiency
system. Process
High Performance 、 •TQC procedure
Security 、 Stability 、 •Training
• Adopt most advanced and • Provide management with
industry-proved J2EE real-time online information
development and applications for decision making and
on world class servers with strategy planning
the advantages of high
performance, security,
and upgradeability
Academic Administration System Framework

Campus Information Portal

User GUI

Personalization and Synchronization News

Stude Teach
Staff Guest Bulletin Calendar Work list Doc. Registration
nts ers
Forum Notes Address Web Mail e-Vote

Academic Administration Platform

Academic Affairs HR System
HR Review Salary

Process Flow Control

Recruit Course Selection R&D
AP Logic

Enroll Class Exam Leave Award Insurance Research alumni

Profiles Schedule Grade cooperation License
General Affairs
Student Affairs Purchase Payable Equip
Bill Loan Club Asset Repair Ownership Athlete
ethics Award Athlete Body Test Borrow
Waive Dorm. Advicer Accounting Budgeting …


4 HR Registration Grade Purchase Asset …

Academic Administration Function Modules

Academic Administration

Academic Affairs

Student Affairs

General Affairs

HR & Salary

Finance and Accounting

Function Scope

Academic Student General HR & Salary Finance & R&D

Affairs Affairs Affairs Accounting
• Recruit • Scholarship • Purchase • Organization • Budgeting • Faculty
• New Student • Tuition Waive • Contract • Profile • Accounting Research
• Enroll • Student Loan • Asset • Leave • Tuition Project
• Profile • Club • Account • Review • Enterprise
• • Roll Calling •
Course Payable Award Cooperation
• Award
• Class • Salary • Salary • Alumni
• Ethics
• Schedule • Room • Insurance • Adviser
• Social
• Select • • School bus • Retirement • Licensing
• Teaching • Adviser • Parking lot • Stipend
• Exam • Class Group • Transportatio • Recruit
• Grading • Health n • Intern
Checking • Mail
• Health Record • Allowance
• Athlete • Repair
• Body Test
Implementation Process
School Senior
Consultant SOP set-up
Management Team

Requirement and
System Analysis School Admin Staff
Scope Confirmation

School Project
Project Manager Execution Plan

System Tune-up,
PM, SA, SD IT and Admin staff
Training and Roll-out

PM, Customer School Project, IT
Warranty and
Service Eng. and Admin Staff
7 Maintenance
Training and On-line

Training plan

System delivery and

parameters set-up

3 days system
1-3 day training for end
administration training for
users before roll-out
IT staff

3-5 days on-site assistance

in the beginning of roll-out

Key Successful Factor
World-class School
e-Academic Administration
Strategy and Vision

Strong Development Single-point Service

Advance IT Technology
Team Window

III Customers
 Strong Commitment  Backup from Senior Management
 More Experience  Internal SOP
 Win-win Strategy with Customers  Complete and Clear Requirement
 Test and Acceptance