Let me share my feeling please before I die

My name is Maulana Jalal. I was born in 1949,in Amla Para,Akyab.
I was grown there and became Imam of Amla para Mosque. I still remember our Mosque, it is fresh in my mind, the date written on the wall of minaret ,it was 1775. In 1968, there was a storm hit Akyab and minaret was destroyed. When I was young ,there were only one third of the Akyab’s population was Buddhist Rakhine, the rest were Muslims. In front of our Mosque ,there was a wide field in which we used to play with my friends. In 1976, Rakhine Buddhist were honored by Rakhine State ,the socialist Government gave them favor. Soon I saw our field was occupied by Awa Kyunetha, original Rakhine gave that name for Bangali Rakhine and built a monastry in front of our Mosque. There was a operation called Nagyamin in which Rakhine Immigrations and polices took most of the Muslims’ identities and accused them as foreigners. I couldn’t forget the night when Immigrations and polices knocked our door .When we woke up one of them kicked me three time, and asked our identities. They didn’t aresst me as I was an Imam ,I thought. Two years later, We migrated to Rangoon because of Rakhine’s torture. We have been living in Rangoon since that time but our souls are still there, we miss our home town very much. Last March, I got a chance to visit there, I remembered my childhood, I usually went to Point beach where we used to play and prayed Badar Mukam Mosque.

Arakan had a beautiful and amazing history regarding Pagodas

and Mosques


This is a picture of Akyab’s ancient Mosque, Badar Makam. It was built 1727 A.D ,hundred years before the building of city. Akyab was built as city and district in 1826 A.D when British conquered Arakan.

Buddhist Rakhine changed Mehrab and Member of Mosque as a worship house. They put idols there.

Everyone who study D.G.E Hall , G.E Harvey ,and Moshe Yager will know history of Arakanese Muslim, Rohingyas. Moshe Yager’s Crescent in Arakan is enough to understand Muslims’ settlement in Arakan. According to historical documents, Muslims merchants built along the coastal area of Mosques and rest house.

Look at date ,it is 1727

Look at the changes that Buddhist Rakhine tried to make a Mosque to a Pagoda, it is 2008

On a Mosque’s member where Imam stands and gives Kuthbah, speech, Rakhine Buddhist put idols. I don’t mind if there is no Muslim in Akyab, thousands of Muslims are there in Akyab but they are not allowed to belong.

Changing the original names to new name is a kind of Socialist Government’s strategy for lying.

It was Pious Hazarat Badar Saheb’s personal Prayer room ,Rkhine Buddhist changed it into Pagoda.

Buddhist Rakhine changed rest house into Pagoda painting yellow color as yellow is Buddhist color.

Destroying ancient Muslim monuments and hiding the reality is Buddhist Rakhines’ genetic attitude.

Beside the Badar Makan Mosque of Akyab, there was a rest house for ancient travelers. Rakhine State authority change that rest house into a Buddhist Pagoda .

Any historian and archeologist can identify easily how the Rakhine Buddhist tried to erase Muslims’ work from the Arakanese History.

The was a famous ancient Mosque in the history of Arakan called Sindhikan Mosque, Rakhine racist destroyed it. They don’t care about historical monuments if it is belong to Muslims.

In this way, Buddhist Rakhines cleared all ancient Muslims’ monuments of Arakan and claimed that Muslims are foreigners.

To keep and restore all historical monuments is a Government’s responsibility but Rakhine Buddhist has been continuously destroying Muslims’ Ancient Monuments one after another.

Beside the Mosque, there was a beautiful lake where we used to make Wudu, ablution, it was also changed

Killing Muslims of Arakan ,destroying Muslims’ monuments ,and claiming that Muslims of Arakan are Bengalis are Awa Kyunethas’ mentality toward Islam. More than 35% of Rakhines are Awa Kyunethas .

In this way, Buddhist Rakhines cleared all ancient Muslims’ monuments of Arakan and claimed that Muslims are foreigners.

How shameful are who robbed someone’s properties and using as if their own properties.

There were hundreds of ancient monumental Mosques in Arakan which were destroyed by Buddhist Rakhines intentionally.

In this way, Buddhist Rakhines cleared all ancient Muslims’ monuments of Arakan and claimed that Muslims are foreigners.

I think, it is not because of Buddhism it is because of cruel Awa Kyunethas’ racist idea.

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