General problem solver frank venance (mcse) Is the computer simulation of human problem solving

Called general problem solver because could solve wide range of problems

Shaw. . and Allen Newell intended to work as a universal problem solver machine.General Problem Solver (GPS) was a computer program created in 1959 by Herbert A. J. Simon.C.

These theories did not assume that humans were regarded as "computers" but attempted to create computer programs that would accomplish problem solving tasks that humans can perform Resource optimization in water supply network .Theory {Allen Newell (1927 .1992)} The information processing theories attempt to understand human cognitive processes by using computer processing as a model.

control processes and rules.The theoretical framework was information processing and attempted to explain all behaviour as a function of memory operations. The methodology for testing the theory involved developing a computer simulation and then comparing the results of the simulation with human behaviour in a given task. .

Motivation behind the program •Improving human being ability to design •Improving human being ability to develop algorithms •Improving human being ability to plan (projects) •Improving human being ability to test and debug •Improving human being analytical abilities .

How does it solve problem? 1.Use analogy for how humans solve problems a) Represents the problems and the goal b)Identifies subgoals and operators that will produce the goal .Applies means –end analysis 2.

3) Plans with plans 4) Creates rules to solve problems 5) Applied to several logic problems examples are tower of Hanoi. missionary-cannibal problem. three coins puzzle .water jag task .

. This puzzle involves a set of three rings of different sizes that can be placed on three different pegs.Tower of Hanoi" puzzle.

Approach of intelligence used .is it going through same steps a human takes when solving the same problem but there is small deference that General problem solver follow steps strictly Also general problem solver does not thinking like a human but the computer program was capable of simulating a first approximation to well defined problems and goals it taking rational steps but does not acting like a human to observe output not intermediate steps .

Application While GPS was intended to be a general problem solver. it could only be applied to "well-defined" problems such as proving theorems in logic  geometry word puzzles Trigonometry symbolic logic word problems .

Limitations of General problem solver Sometimes it deviates from strategies people used to solve problems Humans use the hill-climbing strategy but General problem solver does not use this strategy  may fail to solve the problem because it applies the means-end heuristic to strictly .

benefit of artificial intelligent Help humans to simplify work of performing proof Time saving for other activities Disadvantage will make humans less independent (autonomous) and thus less creative .


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