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Service sector management

Project on comparison on hospital

management and healthcare between 2 hospitals.

King Edawrd Memorial Hospital.

K.E.M was founded in the year 1926; The Seth Gorandas Sunderdas Medical College (GSMC) and the K.E.M are amongst the foremost teaching and medical care providing institution in India. The medical college provides training to about 2000 students in undergraduate, postgraduate and super speciality medical courses; in undergraduate and postgraduate physical and occupational therapy; masters and PhD courses in various allied specialties. Nursing school is also maintained by these institutions. With about 390 staff physicians and 550 resident doctors the 1800 bedded hospital; there is about 1.8 million out-patient and 85000 in-patient annually and provides both basic are and advance treatment facilities in all fields of medicine and surgery. King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gorandas Sunderdas Medical College began their march to fame with a spirit of nationalism and an urge to serve, educate and innovate. the present eminence is the culmination of efforts of countless men and women who gave their best under good circumstances and also during difficult situation Institutional priorities have been medical relief medical education and research K.E.M officials say that the stress had been on soft aware rather than on the hardware ,i.e. heath rather than disease, ethics and equality rather than concern only for a few elite and decentralization and dissemination of services to the unreached rather than centralization of sophistication within the walls of hospital.

Lilavati hospital.
The Lilavati Hospital is the creation of the Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust. Formed in 1978, the Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust has engaged in charitable endeavors across India. Members take personal initiative every year to distribute clothes and medicine to the poor in rural areas and have successfully set up medical clinics in many remote and ill-equipped hamlets of India. The Trust now broadens its sphere of activity by addressing one of the most fundamental rights of every human being: the right to live in good health. In a country where thousands die each day due to their inability to access an expensive health care system the Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Trust seeks to advance the frontiers of specialized medical care and evaluate new techniques designed for a quality health care delivery system The combination of research and education with outpatient and hospital care distinguishes the Lilavati Hospital as a concerned non-profit healthcare organization. The Hospital maintains a team of doctors, well trained in multidisciplinary areas of medicine and surgery. Together the men and women of the hospital strive to make each day more comfortable and promising for the patients





Product mix of lilavati.

The service product in an hospital is the service provided by the customers to the patients It is both tangible as well as intangible. The product mix of the hospital normally have the following features: Quality: For hospitals managing the services is not only the important matter But providing supportive services in improving medical care is too important Along with the existing services Lilavati offers A. Department of cardiology It is one of the foremost in the country which includes the following NON INVASIVE CARDIOLOGY INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGY ICCU B. Department of Andrology It gives comprehensive care about male infertility and male sexual dysfunction C. Nuclear medicine It is commonly called scan which is a painless procedures which provides information about the function of any organ

D. Organ transplant
It deals with transplantation of various organs such as kidney,heart,and cornea of the eyes done by expert doctors.

E. Accessories
Lilavati provides 24 Hrs chemist shop Ambulance service ATM and banking services Cafeteria Gift shop Guest relations executives Temple and meditation room Assistance desk Yoga center

F. Packaging:
Lilavati offers a full health check upo to patients and offers various packages for health check ups

G. Product line:
It offers a wide range of products as per the choices of the patients

Product mix of KEM hospital.

Again the product i.e. services to people re divided 4 parts

A. QualityAs referred to the quality of the product i.e. the best of the services that the hospitals provide, in case KEM it is OPD. The OPD of KEM is the multistage building where in each unit consult 1 d per week. (PIC) Department of Chest Medicine and entail pollution research centre.(EPRC) This department is located at the cardio vascular UG and PG teaching.

B. Department of medicineThis department is one of the largest teachical department and bussy department Training is imported to 18C MBBS and 12 to 16 MD students.

C. Patients care servicesOut patents service Emergency service In patient service

D. Other subspecialty servicesRheumatology Geriatric services HIV / AIDS clinic Healthcare clinic

E. Emergency services
Emergency used has 10 beds This is staffed by lecturers and resident doctors. Specialist opinion may also be obtained prior to admission. Emergency cases- The very seriously ill are initiative admitted to this ward and stabilized before being shifted to other areas of the hospitals.

F. AccessoriesChemist shop Ambulance services Cafeteria

It also offers full health check up.

It has a long product line ranging from normal check ups to surgeries

People mix.

People factor includes all the differ doctors nurses employees Lilavati has highly qualified doctors who have bought with them rich experience which enables the hospital to run on truly professional grounds Lilavati has the highest number of nurse: patient ratio due which they are better equipped to handle patient health This is one of the highest ratio all over India

KEM is an government hospital. The international customer of the hospital is the most important factor for this hospital. KEM has about 390 staff physicians and 550 resident doctors. Approximately 400-600 patients are referred here everyday. In the year 05-06 more than 1 lack patients were referred to the emergency rooms for treatment and more than 2000 patient were admitted in emergency ward. The doctor, nurses are highly professional and dedicated. Since KEM has its own college, the students are directly appointed. The doctors have won 16 international, 46 national, 28 states, 32 city / 10 local / hospital awards. 17 academic, University awards. This makes up a total of 149 awards.


Place comparison.
Lilavati hospital is lo0cated in Bandra the heart of Mumbai This hospital is very close to both the International and Domestic airport As the hospitals always demand urgency the location makes it convenient enough to be dealt with

KEM is situated in a low line area Lower Parel KEM is not as easily accessible as Lilavati.


LILAVATI The flow and process starts with admission which can be even done through a phone call After that the patient and his relatives are taken to the respective rooms The doctor diagnoses the illness and gives the treatment Payment can be made through cash, bank draft, credit and debit cards Discharge slip is then given

KEM The patient has to fill up the admission form. Then he has been provided his room. The facilities of payments are not that much flexible in respect to Lilavati. After the full payment is made the discharge paper are issue.



LILAVATI Now a days evidence is given importance as they play a n important role It is a vast building with a carpet area of around 1100sq ft 300 bedded hospital having 100 intensive care units Clean and healthy innovative equipments along with uniforms for all the staff There are different lift for visitors and patients The most important thing is Suite class,Super deluxe,Deluxe,Twin sharing Economy,Coommon rooms.

KEM Compare to Lilavati KEM gives least important to Physical evidence. Since it is a government hospital their internal physical evidence is not that much good. KEM has two types of wards i.e. General and Special with respect to six types of wards in Lilavati


The price for all the services offered is quite high at LILAVATI hospital as compared to KEM. Common man would rather prefer going to KEM or any other cheaper hospital rather then going to LILAVATI and this may create a big threat to lilavati hospital.


Comparing promotion.
They get free publicity because of Bollywood celebrity like Amitabh Bachan,political party leader like Balasaheb thackery,business tycoons like Kumar,birla without any money.

KEM Mouth to mouth (common people) As it is a government hospital the people mix is the main marketing mix for this hospital. Hoardings, charts, advertisements are the common promotion strategies.


The quality of the services provided by Doctors, supportive staff. The equipments, infrastructure and maintenance. The laboratory which functions on Sunday and Holidays. The departments and the research work carries out by the computerized lab and availability of results in short time. The cleanliness aspect of the hospital. The extent of specialization
Main strength of the KEM is their PRICE STRATEGY which is very low compare to the other private hospitals. Main strength of the Lilavati is their Location, which is located in the center of the city i.e. Bandra.

The cases of wrong treatment by hospitals Full dependency on the treatment given by doctors. Improper medical services covered up by providing good ambience. Main weakness of KEM is their PATHETIC CONDITION of the wards and their location, which is located in low line area i.e. Parel. Main weakness of Lilavati is their PRICEING STRATEGY, they charge such a high cost compare to the other hospitals.

Scope of research and specialization Increasing number of cases of patients from other countries coming to India for treatment. Using revenue to develop the facilities in the hospital. Chances of providing medical tourism as an option. The lifestyle changes leading to diseases and the increase in importance to health and healthcare.

Competition from other hospitals The union of the support staff and doctorsgoing on strike and disrupting the entire working of the industry.



To be the worlds premiere health care institution To provide high quality care and services to all the people in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human illnesses. To attract and support physicians and other health care professionals of the highest character and greatest expertise. To support education in the health professions and research and development into causes and treatment of human illness. To provide facilities and amenities, which promote the highest quality care, afford solace and enhance the surrounding community.



To improve the state of emergency medical services at KEM Hospital. Reduce the absenteeism of staff at the hospital. High absenteeism is the biggest problem faced by KEM hospital. To reduce this high level of absenteeism among the nursing staff is challenge for KEM hospital. To improve KEMs academic record. The hospital is already ranked 5th in the country, and they plan to improve on this standing. They have been discussing the problems of the each department with the staff so that facilities can be improved. To appoint skilled, experienced and renowned doctors in the hospital. To install sophisticated equipments and high-tech machines in the hospital. To provide high quality services and cleanliness to the people.

There are some common future plans for Lilavati and KEM: To establish a Natural Disaster Management Unit: Since, after 26the July deluge, in a city like Mumbai where floods or any natural disaster can occur. It is important for both KEM and Lilavati to stand a natural Disaster Management. To establish Dead and Death Information Centre: In a country like India where 1000 die everyday. A dead and death centre has to be establishes both in KEM and Lilavati. Both the hospitals have to plan to establish Forensic Photography Centre.

KEM Hospital also has another future plans: They are trying to establish a Poison Information Centre: Since, Lilavati already has it, and KEM has to establish this, so that any emergency can be overcome. There next future plan is the establish Sexually Offences Counseling Centre with the help of NGO (Non Government Organization).

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