The hot dry period is followed by a hot humid.The Bidani house is a project that demonstrates a situation where a climate responsive form and design was achieved in an existing urban situation with a fixed site size and orientation. has large climatic swings over the year. located in the ‘composite climate’ zone.e. i. monsoon period of about two months with intervening periods of milder climate. . Faridabad. very hot and dry period of almost two and a half months and a colder period of a shorter duration.

The site of about 1000 m2 had a plan area in the ratio of 1:3 with the shorter side facing the road and oriented north . this house has been designed and built in the ‘composite climatic context’. near New Delhi.Maximum exposure to south-east for living spaces and buffer spaces on south –west to eliminate heat gains during summer The site Located in Faridabad.

Planning in response to climate The demand on building design was to respond to the extremes: eliminate(minimize) heat gain in hot dry period. . Butler spaces Like the toilets and stores are located on the overheated south-western exposure to eliminate heat gain in summers. A courtyard facing and opening onto north-cast has been designed as a heat sink. This has been achieved in this house entirely through the form and fabric of the building. The entire house form has been developed around the courtyard with all the main living spaces wrapping around it and having maximum south-east orientation that is the ideal exposure for this context A large volume living space designed as a double height space is wrapped around the courtyard. maximize ventilation in hot humid period from zones/areas designed as heat sinks and maximize heat gain in the cold period.

Diurnal swings in temperature are attenuated by judicious design and placement of thermal mass. . utilizing local stone as the major material of construction. and airflow levels remaining in the comfort zone during all seasons of the year. The resultant building provides a comfortable environment with the temperatures humidity.Double-height living space for ventilation and day lighting.

western exposure • Form of the building allows solar penetration according o seasonal changes • Pergola and louvers cut off unwanted radiation • Local stone used as major construction material.• House form developed around courtyard (acts as heat Sink) • Large volumes of spaces coupled with courtyard for ventilation • Buffer spaces located on the overheated south. which provides thermal mass for attenuation of diurnal swings in temperature W S E N .


designed on solar passive architecture with the partial financial support of Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. Environment and Non-conventional Energy. Technology. Govt.PEDA – Solar Passive Complex. of Punjab Design features • Floors Interconnected volumetrically to enable passive space conditioning of the entire volume of the building • Large cut-outs for light and ventilation wells • Building-integrated solar photovoltaic and solar water heating • Winter heating by direct solar gain through roof glazing and Summer cooling through wind tower • Thermal mass of floor slabs moderates diurnal swings . of Science. GOI and Dept. Chandigarh is a unique and successful model of Energy Efficient Solar Building.

.Water bodies with waterfalls and fountains have been placed in the central atrium of the complex for cooling of the whole complex in the hot and dry period.

The large volume of air is cooled during the hot period by a wind tower.The PEDA building is a series of overlapping floors at different levels in space floating in a large volume of air. domical structures. These vertical cut-outs are integrated with light wells and solar-activated naturally ventilating. and in the cold period this volume of air is heated by solar penetration through the roof glazing.e. This system of floating slabs and the interpenetrating vertical cutouts is then enclosed within the envelope of the building. The envelope attenuates the outside ambient conditions and the large volume of air is naturally conditioned by controlling solar access in response to the climatic swings. with interpenetrating large vertical cut-outs. eliminating it during hot-dry period and maximizing its penetration in cold period. generating a convective loop . i. integrated into the building design.

which are evenly distributed throughout the building.While thermal performance of the building is a major parameter of design. This has been achieved through the domical structures designed above the light wells. adequate distribution of daylight within the entire working zone of the building is a major criterion for design. Solar Power Plant: 25Kwp building integrated solar photovoltaic power plant has been set up to meet the basic requirement of electricity in the complex .

The roof is supported with very light weight space frame structure. . cafeteria and sitting place for visitors constructed with hyperbolic shell roof to admit daylight without glare and heat coupled with defused lighting through glass to glass solar panels.Unique Shell Roofing on Central Atrium : The Central atrium of the complex having main entrance. water bodies. reception.

sound pollution and filter/cool the entry of air Auditorium: A unique auditorium scientifically designed to control heat penetration. shrubs and grass. The big trees along the boundary wall acts as a curtain to minimize air pollution. light & sound distribution is placed in the north under the shade of main building. inside and outside of boundary wall and a big lawn in the south has been designed with trees. .Landscape Horticulture: The space around the building.

90% reduction in lighting consumption 50% saving in overall energy consumption Considerable reduction in recurring expenditure Clean and pollution free environment Considerable thermal comfort High Productivity .

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