Finding a sustainable way forward

Shell is working to meet the technical challenges of converting alternative bio materials. Our R & D department is located in New Delhi. providing us with latest information in the field of biofuels. Developing lower carbon fuels is part of our commitment to sustainability and is also a great business opportunity for us. . whilst ensuring that life-cycle CO2 production is low and performance of the fuel is high.SHELL BIOFUELS Shell is committed to providing sustainable energy.

It is resistant to a high degree of The seeds contain 27-40% oil aridity (it can be planted even in the (average: 34. Barbados nut or Physic nut is a perennial poisonous shrub (normally up to 5 m high) belonging to the spurge family. It is an uncultivated non-food wildspecies. It is used as a living fence to protect gardens and fields from animals.JATROPHA Jatropha curcas. The plant. originating in Central America . . processed to produce a highquality biodiesel fuel.4% ) that can be desert). usable in a standard diesel engine. whereas it has been spread to other tropical and subtropical countries as well and is mainly grown in Asia and in Africa.

A product of vigorous research for the past decades for a eco-friendly fuel. GREENEL Production Procedure: . SHELL a leading manufacturer of petroleum products with their perspective towards future. GREENEL.GREENEL Nomenclature of the brand name-derived from the words GREEN DIESEL. introduces its biofuel brand.

920 Cetane: 25 to 41 .8% MAX Nature: Crude.5% FFA: 5% max Admixture: 0.5% Moisture: 0.Oil purity: 98. Density: 0.

Helps in conserving natural resources. Emits 80% less carbon dioxide and 100% less sulfur dioxide emissions. It provides a 90% reduction in cancer risks. . directly or blended with existing diesel. Can be used. Extends the life of diesel engines.Features Carbon neutral. the lowest emissions  Cost effective One of the best alternative fuel among biodiesels.

Place In India. namely in Tamil Nadu. . Currently we provide GREENEL through SHELL fuel depots and in the near future we will be providing to other depots on contractual basis. Kerala. We primarily concentrate on acquiring waste lands and rural areas. we have four production plants located in key geographical locations providing us with continuous supply of GREENEL. We have taken up a few thousand hectares in these states for the exclusive cultivation of Jatropha. Rajasthan. Maharashtra.

with respect to the economical status of the region. As the global pricing of Jatropha oil with respect to its production stands at 43 US $ per barrel . GREENEL will be priced in between a range of Rs 25. •In Indian scenario.Price •It is profitable at all times when the crude oil prices stand above 50 US $ per barrel. .Rs 28 per liter.

Highlighting miscellaneous advantages like job opportunities to the rural community. in the initial introductory period.t. on cabs.Promotion Advertisements in print.c. . Awareness campaigning highlighting advantages and disadvantages in the production of biodiesel. video and audio media. effective usage of waste lands e. Other medium of ads include billboards.

. generators e.t. TARGET MARKETING  Mainly diesel engine users of all kinds i.e.  Public transport agencies.c  We evaluate our target according to our objectives and resources.STP SEGMENTATION  The segmentation is based upon the status of the user. cars. our product users are segmented as the regular users and the potential users. institutions with high automobile usages. POSITIONING  We chose a competitor positioning strategy by stating our product as the first of its kind.  Based on our product’s features and qualities.

Colour of the name is with respect to the colour green and colour of diesel. The Golden Circle in the backdrop and the drop on leaf symbolizes the oil extracted from the Jatropha seeds and energy as it is the fuel. . The Green colour surrounding the main picture symbolizes environment/nature. The White colour symbolizes purity/cleaner emissions.LOGO Leaf symbolizes the source plant Jatropha .

.Green fuel for people and planet.