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Introduction Hydrogen Production Hydrogen Distribution Storage of Hydrogen Application Fuel Cell & Its Working Advantages Disadvantages Conclusion

Hydrogen is the simplest and most abundant element in the universe. It is number 1 periodic table of elements. At earth surface temperatures and pressures, it is a colourless odourless gas. Hydrogen is usually bonded with other elements. Very little hydrogen gas is present in earth atmosphere. Hydrogen is locked up in enormous quantities in water , hydrocarbons and other organic matter. Hydrogen also can be used to fuel internal combustion engines and fuel cells both of which can power low or zero vehicles such as fuel cell vehicles. Hydrogen has been used for space flight since the 1950s.

Natural Gas Reforming Renewable Electrolysis Gasification Renewable Liquid Reforming Nuclear High Temperature Electrolysis High Temperature Thermochemical Water Splitting Photobiological Photoelectrochemical

Pipelines High Pressure Tube Trailers Liquefied Hydrogen Tankers

Storage as gas under pressure (250 350 bar) Cryogenic storage as liquid hydrogen (Temp. 253 0 C) Storage as metallic hydrides Carbon adsorption and glass microsphere storage techniques (under development)

Hydrogen as an alternative fuel Hydrogen is used for space flight Hydrogen is used in fuel cell

It operates similarly to a battery, but it does not run down nor does it require recharging As long as fuel is supplied, a Fuel Cell will produce both energy and heat A Fuel Cell consists of two catalyst coated electrodes surrounding an electrolyte One electrode is an anode and the other is a cathode The process begins when Hydrogen molecules enter the anode The catalyst coating separates hydrogens negatively charged electrons from the positively charged protons

Increasing energy security Protecting public health & the environment Fueling the economy Low emission Fuel availability Fuel leakage to environment is not a pollutant High energy content per volume.

Requirement of heavy, bulky fuel st orage Difficult to refuel Poor engine volumetric efficiency Fuel cost is high at present day

Hydrogen Production Hydrogen Delivery Hydrogen Storage Fuel Cell Vehicles Manufacturing