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Trends in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Mahfuzur Rhaman Pallab Md.Adnan Riaz

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Why ICT trends are significant? Forecasting Necessity and Importance Trends and major objectives Future of Personal Communication How the device may look like in 5 years Conclusion.

Why ICT trends are significant?

Does anyone here not have:
A mobile phone Internet Access An Email Address A Skype/ VOIP account A Facebook/ Social Media account
World Population* Mobile Users** 5 0.5 2.9 0.89 0.36 0.1 0 0 2 4 6 8 2.1 2010 2000

Population (in Billions)

6.9 6.1

Email Users***
Internet Users***

VoIP users^

Sources: * ** wikipedia *** ^

Forecasting Necessity and Importance

Even a generation ago, the current means of communication would have seemed wild and beyond possible. The ICT industry is currently shaping the way we live. It is growing at an incredible speed. To survive in this business as a company, future forecasting is of utmost importance. In order to predict the future, you have to know the trend of this market. Identifying, prioritizing and introducing future trends and technology is important from business perspective.

Trends and major objectives

To communicate more efficiently, reliably and securely.

Ease of access to information and communication.

Mobility and flexibility within communication mediums. Integrating every sphere of media and communication in one platform. Integrating several products into a single package. Personalization and customization of applications. A user interface which can be an extension of the users senses.

A visualization of the trends




Data Service

Ultimate Platform: Personal Communication Device



Social Media



ASF : Advanced Security Features like biometric recognition.



The Future of Personal Communication

Google predicts that in the next decade smart phones will replace desktops. 1
Near future features 2

1. Thinner, flexible design

- Prototype by Nokia

2. More powerful chipset

- HTC Zeta (Quad core) concept

3. Integration of Voice controlled actions

- Siri by APPLE

4. Precision location awareness

The Future of Personal Communication

5. Use of cloud computing
- Synchronization with the servers in the cloud to store/retrieve data. - Access to data through multiple devices via same cloud servers.

6. A camera as good as any of today's mid-range SLRs

- Driving Point-and-shoot cameras out of the market.

7. Broadcast TV Reception
- Together with webcast, it will open new doors for user specific content delivery and a multitude of choice to the users.

8. Real-time voice and facial recognition giving much better security and personalization options to the user.
- Protecting the device against theft and unauthorized access. - Security is key for future features.

The Future of Personal Communication

9. Near Field Communication (NFC)
- Payment Method (replacing credit cards). - Ticketing, Identification of user. - Experts predict that over 50% of payments will be done via phones in some countries by 2015.

10. Computing
- Higher Specs and integration of Cloud computing. - Eventual replacement of PC for the average user.


11. Folding Display

- Keeping the form factor small while providing large display area. - Intel, Samsung are currently testing with these.

The Future of Personal Communication

These are still far away, but ultimately probable features of smartphones:
1. Augmented Reality (AR)
- Giving the user a enhanced view of his surroundings.


Enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)

- Making the smartphone a true digital assistant of the user.

The Future of Personal Communication

3. Biometric sensors
- Beometric security - Advanced sensors and wearable designs or accessories enabling remote medical help from doctors through measurement of heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and much more. - HP and Qualcomm is protopyting devices called smart services based on biometric sensors.

So, how will a smartphone look like in 5 years?

The possibilities are endless Design is a key factor Form factor will be more or less standardized Choice will be offered through services Simplicity is important to the users Power consumption is a factor for the companies Security is key for everyone

Future forecasting is important for every ICT based company. Smartphones are on their way to becoming the ultimate personal communication device. But prediction has uncertainties and risks which cannot be avoided. The challenges have to be overcome to make a successful product. Now almost everybody in the world have mobile phones, same would be the case for smartphones, and not too much in the future.

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