The UNC Grading System

Grades • • • • • • • • • Undergraduate A AB B+ BC C+ CD D+ F AB FA IN NG (PS W) • • • • • • • • Graduate (CS only) H H+ HP P+ PL L+ LF AB FA IN NG S .

That’s not true at all schools.3 3.GPA A AB+ B B4.0 If you take a course more than once.0 .7 C+ C CD+ D 2. F 0.3 1.7 1.3 2.0 1.7 3.0 3.0 2. all count in your gpa. but only one counts for graduation hours.

0 gpa to move from one year to the next. .0 gpa to graduate.0 or better. except for second semester seniors who can take up to 20 hours if they have 2.0 the previous semester and 2. • You need a 2. • You can take more than 18 hours in one semester only if you received at least 3.UNC grade requirements • You need a 2.5 overall.

.CS grade requirements for undergraduates • You need a C or better in the 9 introductory courses (COMP. • You need a C. Math.or better and a C average in courses that count toward the CS major. Physics) to be admitted to the major (no requirement for COMP 110 or 116).

.UNC grade requirements for graduates • Get an F or 9 hours of L and you get kicked out! (Readmission the first time is generally easy).

We compute this using the Calingaert Number.D. student to receive at least half H’s. H+ 5 H 3 H1 P+ -1 P -3 P-5 L+ -7 L -9 L-11 .CS grade requirements for graduates • We expect our Ph.

JR. senior. Additional codes are: • • • • • • SPU Special Undergraduate Non-Degree II Inter-Institutional SDS Special Degree Seeking and Off-Campus Nursing Program FX Foreign Exchange FYR Fifth Year (Pharmacy) VS Visiting Student • These students get undergrad grades. sophomore. FYR (freshman. except… . SO. SR. fifth-year) indicate undergraduate students. junior.Undergraduate Classifications Classifications FR.

Graduate and Professional Classifications • • • • • • • • • • • GD Grad Doctoral GM Grad Masters GPM Grad Post Masters GMD Grad Masters then Doctoral GPD Grad Post Doctoral SPG Special Graduate Non-Degree 1ST First Year MBA or Professional II Inter-Institutional FX Foreign Exchange SPP Professional Non-Degree SDS Currently used for Off-Campus Professional Pharmacy • Grad students taking courses under 400 get undergrad grades. .

Grade reporting .

Grade reporting .

• There’s no feedback (other than students’ complaints) that the grade you wrote is the grade that was recorded. • We can check individual grades. • You keep a copy.Grade reporting • Write neatly. . Someone has to read the grade. • Department keeps a copy.

Maybe.In the future… We will access a web page showing a list of our students and for each. We will be able to bring up a web page showing the grades that were actually recorded. starting fall 2010. . just the grades for which they are eligible and a set of radio buttons.

. Only valid reason is clerical error. • Changing a permanent grade is harder. • Student can appeal a grade.Changing a grade • Changing a temporary grade is easy.

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