Survey of Reliance Fresh Customer Satisfaction & its Competitors

Submitted To:Prof. R.S. Mathur

Submitted By:Kapil Garg

Summary :The Project is all about to check the customer satisfaction level, by acknowledging them, knowing the different problems they are facing in Reliance Fresh, to find out the solutions of their problems by making necessary action plan so that more customers can be attracted and a long term relationship can be build. The project was to do competitor’s analysis by visiting the other stores like Vishal Mega Mart, V-Mart, Local grocery stores etc. The objective of competitor’s analysis is to know different schemes, offers, facilities provided by the other stores.

OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY:* To diagnose Consumer Behavior for business process transformation. * To identify the loyal customers for Reliance Fresh and provide extended services to them. * To understand the problems faced by the Reliance customers. * To comparatively analyze the position of Reliance Fresh vis-à-vis its competitors. * To take the feedback of the customers on the services of Reliance Fresh. * To understand the Buying Behavior of the customers. * To identify the customer taste and preferences.

Reliance Fresh:Reliance Industries Limited is the largest and one of the fastest growing private sector companies in India, with business activities encompassing almost all major growth sectors of the Indian economy. Reliance Industries launched its first retail format called Reliance Fresh in Hyderabad. Reliance Fresh would carry fresh fruits and vegetables, staples, top-up grocery, non-food items and dairy products and a whole lot of other categories at very competitive prices. There are three reliance fresh stores in Ajmer, located at :1. Vaishali Nagar 2. Ramganj 3. Kesarganj

The survey is based on primary data. For collecting primary data, I did the following task:
1) Telephonic Interview and survey of existing Reliance Fresh Customers. 2) Customer Accompanied Shop.

3) Comparative analysis of Reliance Fresh vis-à-vis its competitors.
The sample size was 100.

1) Vegetables and Fruits are not fresh and lack variety. 2) No. of billing counters are less and all the counters are not active, so it becomes a time consuming process. 3) Staff behavior is not good. 4) Staff is not helpful. 5) More staff need to be recruited. 6) Staff has no knowledge of the layout of the store, i.e. they don’t know which product is kept at which place. 7) Staff is not aware of the schemes and offers. 8) There should be separate staff for home delivery. 9) Free gifts under the schemes are generally out of stock. 10) Schemes and offers generally ends before the schedule dates.

Count. . . .

11) Quality of free gifts is poor. 12) There is a problem of stock-outs. 13) Product line width and depth is not good. 14) Rate of some products are higher in comparison to the rate prevail in the market. 15) Home delivery facility is not available at any store in ajmer. 16) Replacement of defective products is a difficult task Managers is not present at the store. 17) No one respond to customers’ complaints. 18) Many a times Re.1 change is not available at the counters.

SWOT ANALYSIS:As per the observation following are the SWOT analysis of Reliance Fresh, Ajmer STRENGTHS:Brand Reliance Maximum number of Retail Stores Rate of Fruits & Vegetables are Nominal Multi Commodity Shopping Cordial Staff Promotional Schemes Inclination Towards Corporate Social Responsibility Strong Financial Backup Good Employee Base The Location of the Stores is Excellent

WEAKNESSES:Products are sold only at MRP Slow Billing System Shortage of Man Power Un-Trained Staff Stock Outs & Bad Quality Less Depth and Width in the product line Less no. of Human Resource Power at the Store Parking space is not good Offer’s announcements are not proper

OPPORTUNITIES:Provides Online Shopping Changing life style Boom in the Retail Sector Change in the mindsets of the customers towards retail industry Should keep providing gift vouchers Can take advantage of its 3 locations Opportunity to capture other potential untapped markets in Ajmer. Can add more brands to its existing portfolio of brands. Huge scope in selling consumer products under its own brand name.

THREATS:Competition from the local vendors. Competition from other retail players. Bad quality products. Disappointing Staff Services. Economic Factors. Declining Customer Services. Big Retailers are entering in this segment. Large quantity of products, specially vegetables and fruits, are dumped results in increase in cost and negatively impact overall profit. Small vendors and retailers takes undue benefits of the scheme offered at Reliance Fresh store, thus normal customer suffers due to this.

FINDINGS:Most of the Customers are regular visitor but there frequency of visit is less. Overall awareness in the market is low. Customer service, quality, range is good but not creating shopping as an experience. Customer doesn’t know the current updates, what is happening and what is coming next. Majority of the Customer Class is working and have different social and life style needs. Customers are open to recreational activities; they spend money on movies, and food joints that is good indication. Customers are not aware with the benefit of the card. Store becomes too congested during peak hours.

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