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Product :Blended Scotch Whisky Company : Johnnie Walker Origin : Scotland (1820) Originally known as Walker's Kilmarnock
Whisky, the Johnnie Walker brand is a legacy left by John "Johnnie" Walker after he started to sell whisky in his grocer's shop in Kilmarnock, Scotland.


Segmentation GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION Size Density : Population of 1 lakhs & above : Mainly urban crowd .

IT professionals. female : Builders.DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION Age Gender Occupation : 25 years and above : Male. Businessmen : Worldwide : Gen X. Gen Y: born 19771994) . Gen Y Nationality Generation (Gen X : born 1965-1976.

Experiencers.PSYCHOGRAPHIC • Social Class • Lifestyle : Upper middle class : Achievers. Innovators .

gallstones* : Potential & regular users : Strong : Intending to buy.BEHAVIORAL Occasions Benefits User status Loyalty status Readiness stage Attitude towards product : Regular & special : Reduces heart diseases*. Interested : Highly enthusiastic buyers . diabetes*.

.TARGETING • This product mainly targets urban crowd with the concept of “KEEP WALKING”. • With its Varity of blends it targets from common man to corporates. • This company mainly targets the “MATURE” countries (Western countries) which are insensitive to price changes.

Positioning 1. Eye catching diagonal labels with iconic square shaped bottles makes it unique to locate itself among the spirit group Unique taste and composition of scotch blends. . 2.

120ml.MARKETING MIX PRODUCT Variety : .GREEN LABEL.RED LABEL. 1lts. BLACK LABEL. BLUE LABEL Packing's :. 700ml. 180ml. .60ml. GOLD LABEL. 750ml. 360ml.

Quality :Blended scotch whisky Taste :Exceptionally smooth. Royal challenge. Prestigious range – Johnnie Walker. Absolut. Mc Dowell's Packaging: classy . creamy and delicate Brand name among spirit group : 1. Medium range –Antiquity. Economy range – Royal stag. Captain Morgan 2. Jack Daniel. 100 pipers 3. blenders pride.

higher the price. And Rs 20000 onwards (special blends for example diamond edition) Change in pricing policy does not affect sales to a large extent because the brand name plays an important role here (for normal blends) .PRICE Ranges from Rs 2500 to Rs 50000 (normal blends for example blue label) Higher the age of the blend.

Original Swing 750 ml bottle Guess the price...! Rs. 85000 approx .

Johnnie Walker Diamond Jubilee (2012) (750ml) In honour of Queen Elizabeth II 60 bottles of whisky distilled in 1952. Guess the price.. .! Rs..425 Crores. 1. All sixty bottles were sold in Singapore.


PLACE Channels Coverage : Dealers with consistent flow of customers for Johnnie Walker. Mantri Mall (Bengaluru) etc. Wine world. : Major metros. developed cities and under developed cities (not available in villages) : Almost in all areas of Pune. E.g. Baner road (Pune). : Limited inventory to suit the sales approximately 8 to 9 million bottles/month Locations Inventory .

Sponsorships. purposes. Chivas Regal. Regional Brand Ambassador.g. 2. Variety of blends. Limited Editions for promotional hazardous to health. 2.Other competitors selling 2.. 4. Opportunity Threats 1. Jack Daniels etc. More consumptions can be 3. Established brand name.Strength Weakness 1. 1. e. 1.Availability to lower middle class. . same product. Expensive.

Logistics Main Dealer Mumbai Sub Dealers Metro Cities Developed Cities Under developed Cities Union Territories Delhi Bengaluru Pune Davangere Diu Daman Jaipur Kanpur Pondicherry Kolkata Cochin Hyderbad Indore .

PROMOTION Global Brand Ambassador : Tom Jones “You know when you have made it in life…scotch is the drink category of choice and when you have really made it…… Johnnie Walker is the scotch whisky of choice.” .


Vivian Richard Atul Wasan .


“Chigari koi bhadke” song from the movie AMAR PREM starring Rajesh Khanna .

Special edition Johnnie Walker Red Cola promoted during Ashes .

Released during expansion of market in Shanghai from Scotland .

Mercedes F1 team .Sponsors for McLaren .

Sponsors for Golf tournament in Scotland – “Johnnie Walker championship” at Gleneagles .

. This is successfully achieved through its KEEP WALKING concept which became a powerful tool for their establishment.CONCLUSION JOHNNIE WALKER stands out for its unique taste of different blends & brand name.

“People will stop drinking when Johnnie Walker stops walking” Thank You…! .