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DO NOW: Name one environmental justice issue that you know of or learned about in the reading.

If you were a resident of this area, how would you feel? Who do you think is responsible for ensuring that companies don’t pollute a certain area? HOMEWORK: Due Monday/Tuesday Take a picture with your phone or camera, and write a short 3-5 sentence explanation on how/why this picture represents “justice”. (In order of preference) 1. You can post both your picture and description on facebook page. 2. You can print both your picture and description and bring on Monday/Tuesday 3. You can bring the written description and the photo on your phone/camera

Wednesday August 8, 2012


“IWBAT define the term environmental justice and think critically about what the connection to race is”



Homework check/discussion Silent Gallery Walk Defining the word “Justice” post-it exit slip

Gallery Walk Expectations
This is a silent activity Interacting with one another through writing, not speaking. NO anonymous posts, initial everything.

Silent Galley Walk- Directions

Start by walking around to each poster and describing what you see in detail (only descriptions). In the description box. 5 minutes


Read the descriptions of the photographs
 Take

a 3 minutes to read through the descriptions.  Annotate the descriptions with the following. This makes me feel ___________. This reminds me of _____________. I wonder why _________________? I wonder what ________________? I can connect this to ______________. How come _______________?

Walk around and in the comments box write to each other’s comments. Use the following sentence starters.
COMMENTS: This makes me feel ___________. This reminds me of _____________. I wonder why _______________. I wonder what ______________. I can connect this to ____________. REPLIES: To answer your question ______________. I agree with your comments because_____________. I disagree with your comment because_____________.

What does the word “Justice” mean to you
 Take

out 2 post-it.  On one post it, Independently write a word or short phrase that describes or defines the word “justice”  On another post-it write a caption to a picture.  Place them on posters

Reflection 3-5 sentences
 Pick

one photograph and write how the picture demonstrates justice or injustice.  What is the connection between race and environmental justice?

Rethink your definition of Justice and write it down.
 Text









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