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3 Medical Tapes

This project aims to study the market penetration of medical tapes and its market acceptance against competitors . It also focus on the problems faced by traders and distributors , and there feedback on business . Another phase is the SWOT analysis which deeply describes the whole market of 3M in medical tapes .

Project Title Analysis of Medical tapes tier 2

channel and Development of strategy for increasing penetration .

Project Guide

Mr. Atul Mathur

-Micropore has set itself as a TOP Brand and enjoys the similar Brand equity , most respected and acclaimed Tape in the market . -Micropore and TIER II Tape of 3M ( SPT ) are well penetrated in market with good acceptance in hospitals and among dealers. -Micropore faces a major competition from JMS in Mumbai .

-Our medical tapes are in a Price war with other tapes .

-Customer complaints found with Mricopore in PUNE , being less adhesive and traders promote Hespipore when it comes to ADHESIVE . -Price is a limiting factor sometimes, hence leading to switchover to other brands. -3Ms quality is considered to be the best and most consistent

-MP market is growing fast and needs much attention in terms of work force so that every related trader or hospital Is covered effectivaly and catered with 3M Tapes Price is very high as compared to competitors .

-Quality : Time Tasted Brand 3M Sales Team : Regarded as MOST knowledgeable and Informed Market Coverage : 3M Field Force along with Channel REACH BRAND Positioning : Used in Variety of MEDICAL Conditions

-Price : Proved weak, when aiming to reach TIER III Market Supplies / Availability : Occasional Issues in some Markets Documentation : Lengthy procedures and credit note issues

-Market Potential : Huge and 3M is most prominent Player Growing Acceptance : Various Tapes are being used in hospitals Local Plant : Customization of Tapes in Sizes and Width

Competition : Competitors are very aggressive and throw schemes Price War : 3M seem to rigid on Pricing sometime Penetration : Competitors are penetrating faster

To summarize the whole research 3M s medical tapes have set themselves as a brand . QUALITY is the USP of the company . MICROPORE is the highest selling tapes among all four and is market leader in tapes . On the other hand MEDIPORE and TRANSPORE are still strugling to set there foot in the market whereas DURAPORE is know now . Some where down the line , 3M has started facing a strong compition from JMS and BSN .

A major problem faced is in PRICE 3Ms prices are high than the others and this affects the buyers choice . Price is the only major problem that is being faced in all the major markets ( Mumbai , Pune , Indore ) And another problem is the shortage of availability that is being faced in mumbai .