August 11, 2012



August 11, 2012

How do you take calls at The reception or any department

All calls must be answered within 3 rings
Be polite at all times and at all stress levels Calls for guests not to be transferred without checking on System for locators.. Calls must not be blindly transferred to room numbers. Always check the name of the guest, who the caller would like to speak to before transferring the call. Standard Phrases for calls being received at the Operator Console Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good evening The Residence How may I assist you ? In case of an internal call “Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good evening ! ( Dept/Outlet Name) ). Good Morning /Front desk / how may I assist you ?

August 11, 2012

Phrases to be used while putting a call on Hold May I put you on hold sir/madam Callers put on hold should be got back to within 15 seconds. When getting back to a caller who has been put on hold the following phrase is to be used “Thank you for holding Sir/ Mam”  Always complete the sentences while talking, e.g.  “May I have your name please, Sir/Madam?  “May I request you to spell the name out sir/madam”


August 11, 2012

Transferring a call :  e.g.: when you receive the call and would like to transfer “Certainly Sir/Ma’am, Please hold the line, while I transfer your call”. If the extension is engaged:  “I am afraid but the extension is still busy. Would you like to hold the line or leave a message for Mr. /Ms____________?”
  

If guests want to hold the line, after 20 seconds: “Thank you for holding the line is still busy. Would you like to continue holding, or may I take a message?”

NB. If a message is taken, always repeat it back to the caller before ending the call, especially the phone number.

August 11, 2012

Screening of Calls All calls to be transferred from 800 to 2200 hrs and shud be screened after 2201 hrs to 0759 hrs. All single lady guest calls to be screened The following phrase to be used while screening a call “Who should I say is calling” On confirming the name of the caller, the operator would then call up the guest room and check whether she would like to take the call.. Standard phrase to be utilised in this context would be as follows; Good (Morning………..)……Ma’m, Mr/Mrs (guest Name) would like to speak to you, May I transfer the call?


Impress the caller by your “smile over the phone” Sound efficient, lively and warm – not bored or in a hurry Always Speak clearly Use words such as “Definitely / Certainly Yes Sir/ Ma’m Thank you You’re welcome I’m sorry I beg your pardon Have a nice day

August 11, 2012

The right way of holding the telephone

Before Disconnecting: “Thank you for calling The Residence, Have a nice Day”.

August 11, 2012

Do not use slang such as “Ya”, “Fine”, “OK”. One second or just a minute / Just a sec/ What ? / Hello / Who’s that ?

Do not swallow/eat up your words
At no point for an internal call too should the above phrases be used

Not Done!!


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