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EU Rules/Laws/Regulations on Waste Management

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Every year two billion tonnes of waste is produced in EU member countries Neither stockpiling nor destroying are proper solutions The best practice is to prevent the production of waste by recycling with available economical and ecological methods EU waste management policies aim to reduce the environmental and health impacts of waste and improve Europes resource efficiency. The long-term goal is to turn Europe into a recycling society, avoiding waste and using unavoidable waste as a resource wherever possible.

EUs Waste Management Policy

EU waste policy has evolved 30 years through a series of environmental action plans and a framework of legislation, The EUs Sixth Environmental Action Programmme(20022012) identified waste prevention and management as one of four top priorites, Primary objective of this action is to ensure economic growth that does not lead to more and more waste The EU waste management policy is based on the revised version of Waste Framework Directive All these aim in recycling 50% of municipal waste and 70% of construction waste in EU mamber states by 2020.

Five Step Waste Hierarchy

This directive introduces a five step waste hierarchy

Good waste management starts with preventing

waste being produced Re-use involves repeated use of products and components for the same purpose Recycling reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfill sites while cutting down on the material amount needed from the enviorenment Modern waste incineration plants can be used to produce electricity, steam and heating for buildings. Landfill is the least desirable option since it may produce methane(greenhouse gas), soil and groundwater pollution etc.


EU has placed directives, regulations, commission communications and council decisions belows 6 main topics These are composed of legislations formed by the European Parliament and the Council(EC/EU), the European Economic Community(EEC) and the European Atomic Energy Community(Euratom)

EU member states are responsible for obeying these legislations and there are cases where memeber states are punished.

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General Framework Hazardous Waste Waste From Consumer Goods Waste From Specific Activities Titanium Dioxide Radioactive Waste and Substances


General Framework

Directive on waste Directive: EC 2008/98/EC Waste management statistics Regulation: EC 2150/2002 Landfill of waste Directive: EC 1999/31/EC Waste incineration Directive: EC 2000/76/EC Shipments of waste Regulation: EC 1013/2006 Strategy on the prevention and recycling of waste Commission communication: COM(2005) 666 (Not published in the official journal) The management of the bio-waste in the European Union Green paper: COM(2008) 811 (Not published in the official journal)

Hazardous Waste

Basel Convention Council decision: 93/98/EEC Council decision: 97/640/ECC Controlled management of hazardous waste Directive: 1991/689/EEC (valid until the end of 2010)

Waste From Consumer Goods

Packaging and packaging paste Directive: 94/62/EC Disposal of PCBs and PCTs Directive: 96/59/EC Disposal of spent batteries and accumulators Directive: 2006/66/EC Directive: 91/157/EEC End-of-life vehicles Directive: 2000/53/EC The reusing, recycling and recovering of motor vehicles Directive: 2005/64/EC Directive: 70/156/EEC Waste electrical and electronic equipment Directive: 2002/96/EC Directive: 2002/95/EC Restricted substances in electrical and electronic equipement Directive: 2011/65/EU

Wastes From Specific Activities

Industrial Emmissions Directive: 2010/75/EU Integrated pollution prevention and control Directive: 2008/1/EC (Until 2013) Management of waste from extractive industries Directive: 2006/21/EC A strategy for better ship dismantling practices Commission communication: COM(2008) 767 Removal and disposal of disused oil and gas installations Commission communication: COM(98) 49 Use of sewage sludge in agriculture Directive: 86/278/EEC Port facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues Directive: 2000/59/EC

Titanium Dioxide

Disposal of titanium dioxide industrial waste Directive: 78/176/EEC Surveillance and monitoring of titanium dioxide waste Directive: 82/883/EEC Reduction of pollution caused by waste from the titanium dioxide industry Directive: 92/112/EEC

Radioactive Waste and Substances

Shipments of radioactive waste: supervision and control Directive: 2006/117/Euratom Shipments of radioactive substances Regulation: Euratom 1493/93 Situation in 1999 and prospects for radioactive waste management Commission communication: COM(98) 799 Management of spent fuel and radioactive waste Directive: 2011/70/Euratom


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