Earliest domestication of dog was around 10 ,000 BC. from the belt of the caves of Persia, descended from wolf 'and jackals.

Zoological Classification:
Class Mammlia: Subclass Metatheria Order: Carnivora: Family Canidae: Genus: Canis: . Species Familiaris:

American Kennel Club Classification The American kennel club classification of dogs is somewhat different from the British Kennel Club classification. Hound Breeds 5. Non-sporting Breeds 3. Working Breeds 4. In this classification more emphasis has been given on the type of dogs which have been classified into the following 6 main classes: 1. Toy Breeds . Sporting Breeds 2. Terrier Breeds 6.

1. sporting Breeds Pointer (Short-Haired Wire-Haired) Retriever (Flat-Coated Golden Labrador) Spaniel (American Water Brittany English Cocker Sussex) .

Spaniel .

pointer .

Non-sporting Breeds Boston Terrier Bulldog Chow Chow Lhesa Apso Poodle Schipperke .2.



Working Breeds Akita Bull Mastiff Pull dog Rottweiler Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Komondor .



Hound Breeds Afghan Hound Foxhound Greyhound Terrier Wolfhound Rhodesian Ridgeback DACHSHUND .4.



Terrier Breeds BORDER TERRIER Staffordshire Terrier MANCHESTER TERRIER Norwich Terrier Scottish Terrier Fox Terrier Irish Terrier .



Toy Breeds Chihuahua English Pinscher (Miniature) Pomeranian Poodle (Toy) Pug Shih Tzu Silky Terrier Toy Manchester Terrier Yorkshire Terrier .



tail thick and root and tapering at tip which is carried straight or curved. ears V-shaped or turned back. red or brindle •Avg wt:50-60kg male 40-50kg female •Height:65-70cm male 60-65cm female Face is broad and wrinkled. neck strongly muscular. . •Short and hard body coat •Color: fawn.Bull Mastiff: Europe •Large size. dark muzzle.

long. Avg height:67-70cm male 63-67cm female Body wt:23-28kg Drooping. moderate length level back and well muscled body. Egypt Hairy dogs of varied colors. .Afghan Hound: Afghanistan. long and strong neck and low set tail with ring at the tapering end. hairy ears.

well muscled. Color: grey. hair smooth and glossy. dark tan. . or black and white Avg Height:60-70cm male 55-60cm female Body wt:25-35kg Ears erect and smooth. slightly curved at the end. strong and long neck. long hairy tail.Alsatian/shepherd Dog: Germany Double coated animal. undercoat wooly and protect from cold. may extend up to the hock.

Tail long and tapering. black and tan. red and tan or dark. Average height of adult male about 65 cm and of bitch about 60 cm. interspersed with light or white hair. smooth and glossy. .Blood Hound: Middle East Body coat short. Average body weight 40-45 kg and of bitch 35-50 kg.

. tail long.Basset Hound: France. fine and black. tan and lemon. drooping ears with velvety texture. strong and tapering. Belgium. white. Body coat smooth. Average height 32-38 cm Body weight 10-20 kg. short. in any combination. very long.

face short and blunt like a bulldog: body short and compact.Boston Terrier: USA Apparently looks like a bulldog. ears erect and triangular with pointed tip. mostly black and white Orland white. Average height about 45 cm end body weight 7-10Kg . head short and square. body coat short amid smooth. and docking normally practiced. tail short and coiled.

Height 4560 cm and body weight 2530 kg. muscular body covered with smooth coat of red.Boxer: Germany A medium-sized sturdy dog with broad head. fawn or brindle: tail placed high and docked leaving behind 4-5 cm stump. short nose and strong jaws. . males slightly heavier than females.

fallow and white. broad and compact body. . body coat short. males heavier than females. fawn. head characteristically heavy and face wrinkled. brindle. fine and smooth. and their piebald combinations. wide and black. jaws broad and square. whole coat color acceptable and it may be various degree of red. average height 35-40 cm and body weight 20-25 kg .Bull Dog: England A low-stature animal. short tail thick at the root and tapering at the tip. nose short.

Chihuahua: Mexico Perhaps smallest dog of the world.5 kg: tail tapering . erect ears. short smooth coat of different colors Height 15-20 cm Body weight less than 1to 2. sharp muzzle. fine head.

moderately wide apart and slightly drooping at the tip. body coat dense. inner coat soft and woolly.Collie: Scotland A hairy medium: sized active dog. long and double: outer hair long and coarse. coat and markings quite variable. . ears small. Height 50-60 cm Adult body weight 20-30 kg: males heavier than females.

coarse and long: undercoat soft and woolly: ears erect. cream or while. . height usually 45-50 cm and body weight 25-30 kg. small and slightly rounded at the tip: tail short. well placed. outer coat dense. fawn. set high and carried over the back.Chow chow: Active compact body covered with double coat. blue. coat black. . red.

(ii) long haired and (iii) wire haired. with compact long body: there are 2 recognized strains of Dachshund. viz. Dachshund and Miniature Dachshund. . (i) smooth haired. short-limbed animal. each strain has 3 varieties. large and drooping with rounded tip: height 20-25 cm and body weight 8-12 kg.Dachshund: Germany Low set. Ears long and thick. viz. height of Miniature Dachshund 12-20 cm and body weight 3-5 kg.

Dalmatian: Austria Strong dog having muscular body. dense. body coat short. ears set high and gradually tapering to a round point and covered with spotted hair. . fine and straight. smooth and white color with black spots or liver spots which may vary in size but never form patches. tail short. height 5060 cm and body weight 22-25 kg.

. Thick and glossy. brown or blue: extremities light in color. compact and muscular body: body coat smooth. height of adult male 6570 cm and of adult female 60-65 cm: body weight 25-35 kg. ears small and erect. tail docked in early life leaving behind 2-3 cm long stump. but slightly drooped forward. color black.Doberman pinscher: Germany An alert dog has smooth. short.

Rottweiler .

forehead somewhat convex. close. coat smooth.French Bulldog: France Active. white brindle or white: head heavy. ears erect. broad and square. fawn. . small to medium size. tail short and straight. long and rounded at the tip: average height about 30 cm and body weight 8-13 kg. fine and glossy. short. color brindle.

soft and glossy. muscular and strong animal of active disposition. fawn. coat short. dense. face long and narrow. average height usually more than 75 cm and body weight more than 55 kg. long and straight tail thick at the root and tapering to the termination below the hock joint . .Great Dane: Germany Large-sized. pure white with black or blue patches: ears small and erect with falling tip. color whole black.

slender. short and smooth. broad chest and narrow waist.specimen of black. face long and narrow with blunt pointed nose. body weight 25-35 kg. long. tail is low set. common color red and fawn . height of adult male 70-75 cm and of female 65-70 cm. tapering and strong. thin animal.Greyhound: Egypt Long-limbed. brindle. . coat fine. white and other colors are also acceptable.

coat double.Eskimo: Tundra Powerful working dog capable of tolerating rigors of harsh cold weather. V-shaped and erect. color quite variable: height 55-70cm and body weight 20-45 kg: coat color of Siberian husky is black and white . outer being long and inner woolly. tail bushy and curved. ears short.

Eskimo .

average height 20-25 cm and body weight 6::7 kg. body completely covered with long. straight.Lhasa Apso: Tibet Small active house dog. brown or particular. dense coat with golden. smoke. black. . eyes dark. slaty. white. ears drooping.

Lhasa Apso .

5 kg.Maltese: Malta Toy breed covered with long. straight and silky coat of white color. body weight less than 4. .

Maltese .

color whole apricot. males heavier than females. dark fawn or brindle with black nose and muzzle. ears small. tail set high. height 70-80 cm and body weight 7085 kg. set apart and thin. compact body and strong built. . head broad and square. silver-fawn.Mastiff: Heavy muscular. coat short. smooth and close..

Mastiff .

red. black. .Pekingese: China Toy breed of China adopted in many countries. outer coat coarse and inner coat thick. Color. cream or white. Height: 15-20cm Body wt: 3-5kg Tail curved and hairy. coat long and straight with dense mane. head wide with short muzzle and wrinkled face. fawn.

Pekingese .

medium sized and lying close to the head Height 60-65 cm Body weight 25-30 kg Tail fairly long. smooth and uniformly distributed. Color: lemon and white. fine.Pointer: Active dog. compact and muscular body with broad chest. coat shod. ears set fairly high. smooth. . liver and white black and white and sometimes whole black. tapering and carried straight in line with back.

5-13kg Ears are small and erect. outer coat long. Height: 15-28cm Body wt: 1.Pomeranian: Poland Toy breed. active. . tail hairy and carded on the back. straight and thicker around neck.

apricot. blue and silver: Ears long. Height 2540 cm Body wt: 3-15 kg. Toys are smallest followed by miniature and standard Strains and docked and held high .Poodle: Germany A small animal of majestic look. blue paddle and toy poodle. Coat thick curly and fluffy of different colors like whole white. black. wide and drooping. various strains are standard poodle. miniature poodle. brown.

Poodle .

height 25-30 cm and body weight 6-8 kg: tail tightly curled . shod back and rounded ribs. silver or apricot fawn. ears are rose or button shaped. coat shod. fine. smooth and glossy of black. soft.Pug: China Small breed.

straight and hairy . color black or liver. strong and active dog. coat curled and free from the patches of straight hairs.Retriever (curly coated) England Smart. height 55-65 cm and body weight 25-35 kg: tail long. ears short lying close to head.

tail thick at the root and tapering towards the tip. . smooth and glossy: color black. coat short. ears large and hanging close to head. height 50-60 cm and body weight 25-35 kg.Labrador: New Found land Active dog of strong body. chocolate or yellow and free from markings. dense.

Golden Retriever:
Active and powerful; coat flat or wavy and dense with water-resistant undercoat; color any shade of gold and cream but not red or tan; ears moderate in size; height 50-60 cm and body weight 30-35 kg; tail long, straight and feathered. straight and well set.

Saint Bernard:
One of the heaviest dogs with a massive end broad forehead, straight back, deep chest and heavy legs; coat either short-haired or long-haired and tough; it Is flat in short-haired; any wavy in long haired; thighs' and tail well feathered in longhaired dogs: height 6575cm and body weight 75-90 kg; occasionally up to 100 kg in some specimens; tail set high, long ,and slightly curved, and always carried low

Saint Bernard

ears mediumsized wide apart . and inner thick. soft and woolly shining~ undercoat: color mostly pure white but may be _-cream or white and biscuit. slightly rounded at tip and covered with fine hair .Samoyed: Siberia Active. rough and fluffy hair free from curls. double body coat made of outer long. strong and sturdy sledge dog.erect.

coat flat. height 35-40cm and body wt. the tail docked in early life and remains in line with the back . close. ears long. liver-red and roan color.Cocker Spaniel: England Small sporting dog of compact body: head round with deep and broad muzzle. soft and wavy of black. drooping and covered with fine hair. black and tan. silky. 11-13 kg.

common colors liver and white. ears lobular. strong and muscular: coat flat or wavy. . black or roan. liver. medium in length. black and white. fine and gloss)?. well feathered and carried below the level of back. height 25-30 cm and body weight 20-25 kg. thick. tail docked in early life.English Springer Spaniel: England Sporting dog of medium body. hanging and set close to the head.

large ears. head massive. feathered and carried at the level of back . fully covered with hairy coat close. active.Spaniel Clumber: England Large-sized. silky and straight: limbs feathered. tail docked in early life. height 4050 cm and body weight 20-30 kg. furrowed forehead.

7 .3.5 kg: Tail half docked and hairy. . Color dark steel blue or tan: height 20-25 cm and body weigh! 1.Yorkshire Terrier: England Very small toy breed of compact body: head small and flat: nose black: coat silky: heavy parted straight down the back.

Rottweiler .


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