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Market Environment


Market Environment The forces that affect the building the customer relationships with the target customers are the Market environment. These are broadly classified as MICRO and MACRO.

MICRO The factors which are close to the company, and can be controlled by the company such as;
The company The top management

Mission, Goals & Objectives and Policies

Purchase and R & D The suppliers The marketing intermediaries

Channels Customer service Marketing services like survey, research, etc,

Market Environment


Customer/markets Consumer - individuals and households or Business customers

Competitors and Publics Financial institutions Media Government Citizen or local public / community etc

Market Environment
MACRO Demographic human population in terms of; Age


Gender Occupation Race


Religion and
Other factors

Overall economic conditions Industrial growth FDI/Foreign funds in case of India Earning levels Consumer spending Infrastructure & industrial developments etc.

Market Environment


Natural Environment Availability of natural resources as raw materials, air, water, pollution and its control by the government/authorities and its effect on the companys production facilities etc.

Technological Environment Forces that create new technology / product / market opportunities etc.

Political Regulations by government Governmental structures (majority / coalition) Controls (High or Low) by the government, etc

Cultural The factors affecting the basic values, perceptions, preferences and behaviours of the society

GLOBAL Global factors, governments attitudes and policies for developments, strength and weakness compared when seeking tie ups or joint ventures and opportunities available