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Aoun Naqi, Jyoti srivastava, Vishal Bajaj, Manish Rai


Founder About TCS TCS Board Of Directors Vission,Mission,Value of TCS Indian IT Indusry Cross-Border Service Delivery TCS Global Clientage TCS Major Compitetors TCS Subsidiaries


The company started by Jamsetji Tata came to be known as the Tata Group and is today among the largest and most respected companies of India. The group takes the name of its founder, Jamsetji Tata a member of whose family has almost invariably been the chairman of the group. JAMSETJI TATA

The current chairman of the Tata group is Ratan Tata who took over from J. R. D. Tata in 1991 and is currently one of the major International business figures in the age of globality He was awarded Bharat Ratna Award J.R.D. TATA

Established in 1969 Leading IT company of Asia First IT company of cross US$ 3 Billion mark in revenues Has equal recognition in International & Indian market It has strategic partnerships with major global technology playerscisco,microsoft,google,hp,ibm,oracle,netapp.,etc

Operate from 64 offices in 34 countries Over 83,500 employees from 60 nationalities Major business areas:BFSI,Insurance,Telecom, Transportation,healthcare,etc Aiming to be among global top TEN corporate house by the next year


Ratan N Tata Chairman

S Ramadori
Vice Chairman

Laura cha

Clayton christsen (Director)

Aman Mehta (Director)

Ron Sommer (Director)

Vijay kelkar (Director)

Ishaat Husain (Director)

S Chandrasheran CEO

S Mahalingam CFO

VISSION,MISSION,VALUE OF TCS VISSION : Global top 0 by 200 MISSION : To help customers achieve their business objective,by providing innovative,best-in-class consulting,IT solution and services VALUES : leading change,Integrity,respect for the indivisual,Excellence,Learning and Sharing

Indian IT Industry Services Spectrum

Application Development &

IT Enabled Services

IT Infrastructure Management
Engineering, R&D

Cross Border Service Providers



India - the largest Cross-border IT Services Provider

4.7 1.9 1.8 0.9 India Canada China Eastern Europe Philippines 0.5 Mexico Others

Estimated Value of Offshore Sourcing (US $ M) CY 2004

Source: neoIT, NASSCOM

TCS Largest Indian IT Service Provider

Revenue (US $ M)
2005 2004 2002 2000 1998 0
291 489 880 1560 2240

Created Indian IT Industry and have led it since 1968

Operate in 47 countries 33 Delivery Centers - 15 in India, 18 Overseas Growing at a rate of > 40% annually Global Employee Strength of 43000+






60% Revenue from North America, 23% from Europe Enterprise wide CMMi, PCMM L5

Cross-Border Service Delivery Genesis

Client Office, Onsite
Office Setup in the same country as client Sales & Marketing Account management

TCS Office

Commercial Presence

TCS Office, India


Movement of Natural Persons

Cross-Border Service Delivery Genesis

Client Office, Onsite Cross Border Supply TCS Office
Remote Service Delivery (Offshore) Design & Coding Testing Documentation Maintenance

Commercial Presence

TCS Office, India


Movement of Natural Persons

Cross-Border Service Delivery Genesis

Client Office, Onsite Multi Cross Border Supply TCS Office TCS GDC
Local Recruits
Delivery Centers across the globe to establish a near-shore presence

Commercial Presence

TCS Office, India


Movement of Natural Persons


ABB Avis Group AGL AVIVA British Airways Cisco Philips semiconductors Roche Pharmaceuticals Sony Microsoft WoolworthS


TCS is an integrated service provider and has started investing in its consultancy division with target revenue of $650 million by 2009 Infosys is the nearest compititorof TCS .infosys revenues are just shy of around billion dollors compared to TCS. An Infosys product like Finade is growing popularity and is giving heads on compitition to TCS BNCs core banking solution Last fiscal year tcs cracked a billoin dollar project where as Infosys is still in search of cracking big deals . Infosys is opening centers in US near shore (like brazil,canada) areas and planning to compete with TCS by commercail licensing of its products already or under patent process

TCS' directly-held subsidiaries include the following: CMC Limited (India) WTI Advanced Technology Limited (India) APONLINE Limited (India) C-Edge Technologies Limited (India) MP Online Limited (India) Tata America International Corporation (USA) Tata Consultancy Services Netherlands BV (Netherlands) Tata Consultancy Services Belgium SA (Belgium) Tata Consultancy Services Sverige AB (Sweden) Tata Consultancy Services Deutschland GmbH (Germany) TCS Iberoamerica SA (Uruguay) Tata Consultancy Services Asia Pacific Pte Limited (Singapore) TCS FNS Pty. Limited (Australia) Diligenta Limited (UK) Tata Consultancy Services Canada Inc. (Canada) Tata Infotech (Singapore) Pte. Limited *(Singapore) (In Members' Voluntary Liquidation) Tata Consultancy Services Morocco SARL AU (Morocco) Tata Consultancy Services (Africa) (PTY) Limited (South Africa) TCS e-Serve Limited (India)

MUMBAI MARATHON :an event sponsored by Standard Charted Bank and TCS CERVELO TESTTEM :it is a switzerland headquarted pro cycling team TCS is the teams technology partner until 2012. FERRARI:TCS is the first indian company to have an historic agreement with Ferrari in 2008 ,for technology and marketing partnership . RAJASTHAN ROYALS:TCS is the tecnology partner for Rajasthan Royals for initial three years. US MARATHONS:Boston,Chicago and Newyork TCS is to be 2010 sponsor.

QUALIFICATION: Electronics and Communication engineer (Undergraduate) LEVEL:
Assistant System Engineer Trainer




Cross-Border IT Services is a growing

necessity and opportunity

Visa & Immigration, Taxation, Protectionist Law and Uniformity in Qualification are some of the key challenges still faced by a service provider like TCS

A uniform GATS framework and commitment

will provide the right impetus to the growth of Cross-Border IT Services