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Dr. Ignacio C. Cordova Jr.

Dean, College of Hospitality and Institutional Management

Ms. Mary Ann A. Donato, RND Asst. Dean, College of Hospitality and Institutional Management

Ms. Julia Charmaine Medalla President, Association of Hotel and Restaurant Management Students

MISSION STATEMENT The AHRMS is an organization exclusive to Hotel and Restaurant Management students. It aims to establish cooperation and camaraderie for Hotel and Restaurant Management students; support the University in its efforts to upgrade and maintain high standards of instruction in Hotel and Restaurant Management. It also aims to develop good study habits, enhance creativity for personal and career development. The council shall work intellectually for the benefit and welfare of its member and to maintain the dignity and professional ethics of the Hotel and Restaurant Management students. VISION STATEMENT AHRMS envision itself as an organization dedicated for the academic and skills development of Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) and Hotel and Restaurant Service (HRS) students. Guided by the noble dictum of Our Lady of Fatima University to improve man as man.

The proposed symbolizes the different venue of career that is related to the field of Hospitality industry. It includes Food service, Culinary, Lodging and Gaming Industry, and Cruise Line Industry. Colour Green symbolizes hospitality in general, Violet symbolizes the colour of purpose, Dark Blue symbolizes to allow us to look beyond and increase our perspective outward. It contains a cool vibration that is helpful to communication. And Aqua Blue symbolizes the colour of high ideals. Both colour were used to exemplify how exciting to work in this kind of Industry. We belief that logo will also speak how glamorous and interesting to be part of this organization.

Why should you join AHRMS?

Networking : The easy and best way to network with students who have similar interests is joining a student organizations. It can help you with you career, hobby or anything that you are passionate about.
Social Skills : As a student you want to learn how to talk to other people from different cultures . As an BS.HRM and HRS student, it is your opportunity to build some social skills. Personality development : If you join a AHRMS, your communication skills will improve because you are interacting with different students. Friendships and Fun : Life is not just about career and making money. It is about building friendships and having fun. You get a chance to meet people and build good friendships. You will be part of the social activities and will have so much fun. And Lastly. Spice up your resume to make you look better in your college application or even in your future job application;

Mr. Jay-r Cabayan Adviser, Association of Hotel and Restaurant Management Students

For Officers: OFFICERS OATH I, ______(Your Name)___, having been elected as ____(Position)________ of the Association of Hotel and Restaurant Management Students, do solemnly swear to abide by and uphold the Constitution and By-Laws of this organization and The Mission-Vision of Our Lady of Fatima University , to keep faith in and put into practice the objectives of this organization; to perform my duties to the best of my ability and capacities, without fear or favor, with the aim in view of furthering the purpose of this organization, and advancing the interest of the students to which it is dedicated; and to conduct myself in a manner befitting a good and true Fatima student so as to bring honor and prestige to the organization, and that I take this pledge without mental reservation or purpose of evasion.


It is my pledge that as a member of Association of Hotel and Restaurant Management Students, I__(Your Name)__ will faithfully and truly perform my duty, to uphold and promote the objectives and will do the best of my ability, serve as a living example of this organizations philosophy and beliefs and will uphold and enforce the constitution of this organization at all times. So help me GOD.

Mrs. Gemili M. Cabatic, MBA Head, Hospitality Management Department

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