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A Semi-detailed Lesson Plan in English II

Presented by: Krizia Mae Valdez Leonard Manuel Monita Pops Fernandez Clariza Amano

A Semi-detailed Lesson Plan in English II

I. Objectives: A. Identify the main idea or concept in the poem entitled The Little Rain. B. Discuss the poem by sharing the reactions of the students in the class. C. Give full understanding to the importance of rain in our life.

II. Subject Matter: A. Topic: The Little Rain by Tu Fu B. References: English Expressway, Dr. Virginia Bermudez et. al, p 176 C. Materials: video presentation, chalkboard, chalk, manila paper.

III. Procedure: A. Motivation The teacher will group the class into 3 groups. Then she will show a video presentation entitled raindrops. After that, the students will discuss to their groups the meaning or their own understanding to the video, then the leader will present their output infront of the class.

B. Presentation The teacher will ask the students what they did. After which, he will present their lesson to the class. C. Discussion 1. Vocabulary building 2. The teacher will read the poem first written in the manila paper. Next reading will be the students.

3. Ask the students the contributions or advantages of rain which are shown on the poem. 4. The students will interpret each lines of the poem and extract the message of it as well. Then, the teacher will supplement their answers after,

D. Generalization The teacher will ask the students what are the lessons they learned for the day. E. Application The students will be called and relate their memorable experiences about the rain.

IV. Evaluation Students will draw one of the many contributions or advantages of rain which is shown in the poem.

V. Agreement Make a composition regarding the video they watched.

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