Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

A Presentation by GROUP II (FY- MIM batch)

. So this piece makes sense to them. Most people realize that when they think more rationally and reasonably. their life goes better. T = Therapy…but it can also mean Teaching or .What is REBT ? R = Rational.. E = Emotive Most people understand that their emotions are affected by what happens to them and how they think about those events. B = Behavior Most people accept that what they do (their behavior) affects how they think and feel. Training to overcome Irrational thoughts .

REBT Aim: .

REBT’s Perception Rational thinking includes: Reflects preferences rather than demands Flexible Realistic Functional.in terms of someone’s long-term goals and values. helpful. Irrational thinking includes: Demandingness Inflexibility / rigidity Awfulizing / catastrophizing I-can’t-stand-it-it is (low frustration tolerance) All-or-nothing thinking Personalizing Emotional reasoning . useful -.

ABC Model of REBT „A‟ represents an ACTIVATING EVENT „B‟ represents the BELIEFS ‘C‟ represents the emotional and behavioral CONSEQUENCES following the beliefs .

Case Study 1: Day to day Life experience  Activating Event : Greeting the Boss  Beliefs : Boss may not friendly or he doesn‟t like me.  Consequence : Excessive anxiety interfering with performance .

Case Study 2 : Corporate Life Activating Event : Manager enters a room filled with sub-ordinates and everyone becomes silent. Beliefs : My subordinates do not like me Consequence : Gets anxious about his co-workers .

.  Consequence 1) : Feels guilty & upset  Beliefs 2) : In order to make work and personal life balance I need to priorities my responsibilities.Case Study 3 : Working Married Woman  Activating Event : Has to attend a close relatives wedding on the same date as an important meeting is scheduled  Beliefs 1) : I “must” fulfill all my personal and professional responsibilities.  Consequence 2) : Feels at peace.

How to break the Vicious Circle Case 1 Low Frustration Tolerance Self-doubt: Question your assumption s Try ABC Reality Check Case 3 Demandingness Case 2 Self Pity or Self Doubting Try Preferential Thinking Practice unconditional selfacceptance .

Stress Causing Factors In Modern Life Emotional issues Financial Problems Overworking Unsatisfactory working conditions Relationship Problems .

)  Decrease self-defeating behaviors.Conclusion  Minimize emotional disturbances. sorrow. . frustration. depression etc. (eg.  Tackle negative feelings of mind.  Help in avoiding Irrational thoughts.

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