Infant and Child safety

Prepared by Mr. Nestlee Sio Cabaccan RN, MSN, USRN

Apiration Prevention
Objects to avoid
 1 inch cylinder object 

  

ex. Carrots/ hotdog Deflated baloon Teddy bear with buttons Toys with small parts Avoid offering pop corn or peanuts Offer only pacifiers that has one piece construction

Aspiration Pneumonia

Fall prevention
 Donot leave the infant

 

 

unattended on a raised surface. Rails of cribs should be 2 3/8 inches apart Infant can safely sleep in bassinet only until 2 months Place a gate at the top and bottom of stairways Avoid using infant walker

Car Safety
 Use care seats until

child reaches 40-60 lbs (18-27 wks).  Infants up to 20 lbs should be placed in rear facing seats in the back seat.

 Avoid plastic bags

within infants reach  Donot use pillows in the cribs  Store un used appliances such as refrigerator with the doors removed.  Remove constrictive clothing such as bib from the neck at bed time.

 Do not leave infants

alone in bathtub or unsupervised near water even buckets of cleaning water.

Poisoning  Never present medications as candy  Buy medication containers with safety caps  Place medication/poison in locked cabinets overhead shelves  Use no lead based paint in any area of the home  Hang plants or sets on high surface.

 Test warm formula and 

 

food before feeding Donot smoke/drink hot liquids while caring the baby Use sun screen over 6 moths old Childs exposure to sunlight should be 30 minutes Turn handles or pans toward the back of the stove Keep electric wires and

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