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HP DataProtector

Intgration avec VMware vStorage API for DataProtection

Jean-Pierre Raveleau / Altimate Janvier 2011

HP DataProtector software
Intgration avec VMware
Sauvegarde traditionnelle avec agent HP Data Protector dans la VM
VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) VMware Snapshot ESX via la console VMware Suspend de la VM Agent de sauvegarde chaud dans la VM HP Zero Downtime Backup (ZDB) HP Instant Recovery (IR)

Inclut support: -vSphere4 -ESXi (VCB) Une interface HP Data Protector

Pas de scripts simples boutons dans linterface

La virtualisation demande une combinaison de sauvegardes et restaurations physiques et virtuelles Enterprise Management Associates

Protecting VMware
Data Protector supported methods of backup and recovery
Offline backup of virtual machine Traditional backup: Online Backup agent inside virtual machine

VMware ESX Console Snapshots

VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) VMware vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP) Data Protector Zero Downtime Backup Data Protector Instant Recovery

What is VADP ?

+ vStorage API for Data Protection

What is VADP ?
vStorage API for Data Protection
The vStorage APIs for Data Protection is the next generation of VMwares data protection framework introduced in vSphere that enables backup products to do :

Helps backup products create recoverable application consistent backups

Fixes unrecoverable crash-consistent backups created by previous tools like VCB Ensures application consistent backup using Microsoft Volume shadow Copy Services (VSS)

Allows backup products to protect Windows and Linux virtual machines

VSS is only supported for Microsoft Windows applications and operating systems

Allows backup product to perform incremental, differential and full-image backups

What is VADP is NOT ?

vStorage API for Data Protection

VADP is not a backup and recovery product !

VADP does not backup data to disk or tape VADP does not recover data from disk or tape

VADP application consistent backups of Windows VMs

Only for Microsoft Windows applications that support VSS Does not support VMs running Linux applications Linux applications still only crash-consistent

VADP only supported on vSphere platform no backward compatibility

VI3 customers must use other backup options

VADP support in DP 6.11

What will Data Protector support via vStorage API for Data Protection

vStorage Image support

Application consistent backup of supported Windows Flexible data access options (SAN, LAN, iSCSI, NAS)
Support for thin-provisioned disks

VMs using VSS

Incremental, Differential and Full-imaged backups and restore all managed by DP

White space elimination

Reducing the size and time for backup

Linux VMs Auto-discovery of VMs

Backup host supported on:

Windows Server 2008 R2 (Only available from Microsoft 64-bit) Windows Server 2008 64-bit Windows Server 2003 32-bit

Requires additional download & install Full virtual machine image backup Incremental virtual machine image backup File level backup Full virtual machine image restore Incremental virtual machine image restore File level restore CLI for image backup CLI for file backup No, built into the data protection software Yes, single step copy source to target Yes using change block tracking Yes, both Windows and Linux Yes Yes Yes, using restore agents No Yes

Yes Yes, with two step copy source to VCB proxy and VCB proxy to the target No Yes, Windows only Yes, by using VMware Converter No Yes, using restore agents Yes Yes

VMware vStorage API

Centralisation des sauvegardes de type logique et de type image

Intgration avec DataProtector

Du cot de VMware vSphere

VCB & vStorage API

Trois modes de fonctionnement : SAN, HotAdd

VCB & vStorage API

Trois modes de fonctionnement : LAN

HP Software support online

Navigate to HP software support online at: Valid support contract SAID needed Go to downloads -> patches Download VADP patch DPWIN_00490: VEPA consolidated patch Replaces DPWIN_00483 Download prerequisites if not already installed:
DPWIN_00456: Cell Server Packet patch DPWIN_00457: Cell Console Packet patch What versions of DP support VADP?
VADP requires Data Protector 6.11 Installations running DP 6.1, 6.0 and 5.x must first upgrade to 6.11

Windows Cell Manager Patch

Patch is ONLY supporting Windows Cell Managers HP-UX / Linux Cell Manager available now as SSP, GA patch coming December, 2010

HP Software support online

HP software support online

Virtual environment protection

Download VEPA patch and prerequisites

VADP licensing
Where do we charge for VADP functionality?

2 x B6965BA LTU

Online Backup licenses required for each ESX or ESXi host

VADP integration agent

Where do the bits go?

VADP Integration agent can be installed on any windows (see support matrix) client in the cell

It can be the vCenter server and/or DP cell manager

Protecting vSphere and VI3 concurrently

Data Protector supports both vSphere and VI3 from as single interface without scripting

I can use VADP to protect Windows & Linux VMs

I cannot use VADP and must use other method of protection

Select the client to configure as backup host to add the new component

Old integration still available

New VADP based integration

Old integration still available but not needed for VADP backup

Old integration not needed for VADP backup

Import VMware hosts

New client type: vmwarehost

ESX, ESXi, Vcenter servers have to be imported into the cell and will appear as vmwarehost clients

Import VMware hosts

Select the proper client type for ESX, ESXi or Vcenter server from the list

Creating a VADP Backup Spec

New Virtual Environment backup type

Intgration avec DataProtector (rappelez-vous )

Select the client to backup

Can be vCenter (Datacenter) or single ESX/ESXi server

List is populated with imported vmwarehosts ESX, ESXi or Vcenter

Select the backup host

Any client with vadp integration installed is listed

List is populated with DP clients with VADP integration agent installed This is the data mover host

Select the datacenter

If client to backup is Vcenter this list is populated with Datacenters managed by that server

Select the backup type

New vStorage Image backup type

Choose vStorage Image to use the new VADP integration agent

Select the free space option

New Vstorage Image backup type

Select the amout of free space in the datastore required for this backup 0 = no space check

Select the object to backup

The whole host can be selected

Select the object to backup

If folder are used they are displayed and can be used to group VM

Additional Options
Virtual Machine Backup Options

Right click on vCenter server name and select Configure Virtual Machines

Additional options (settings)

Specify VM snapshot handling

Full Backup Mode

Incremental Mode

Additional options (advanced)

Specify advanced options

White space elimination

Additional options (advanced)

Specify advanced options

Check this option to use VSS application quiescence on Windows Virtual Machines

Additional options (advanced)

Specify advanced options

Select transportation mode SAN, LAN, HotAdd or Fastest Available

Complete backup specification

Select target devices as usual

Restoring virtual machines

Browse the object you want to restore

Restore options
Restore to a datacenter or to a temp directory on backup host

Data Protector Next Release

Providing full vStorage support
vStorage Image Replaces VCB Image/Snapshot Ability to use Change Block Tracking no Snapshots kept Only changed blocks is transferred to the backup media White space elimination Only used data backed up Support of all transport methods VMware supports (LAN, SAN, LAN over SSL,) Improved flexibility Discovery & display complete resource pool Select backups on a complete vApp or resource pool Newly added VMs are automatically backed up Improved restore options Restore to any location Manage old & new VM Et plus encore


Snapshot accessed from Backup host. This can run on a physical server or a VM


VMware ESX


Back up to any media supported



Data Protector application initiates snapshot via vStorage API. Created in VMFS.

HP DataProtector software
Single Server Edition LTU & media / LTU only migration to starter pack (required) Starter Packs Starter Pack manuals - printed LTU & DVDs 1x Cell LTU only 1x Cell DVDs only (2) Drive and library extensions Drive LTU Library LTU 2. Backup to Disk Advanced Backup to Disk LTU 1x TB/10x TB/100x TB 4. Application Protection

Windows B7030AA/BA B7031AA All platforms B6960LA Windows B6961AA B6961BA B6960MA All platforms B6957BA/B6958BA B6958CA All platforms B7038AA/BA/CA Windows & Linux 1x system 1x TB /10x TB B6965BA HP XP Windows, NetWare, Linux B6963AA Linux B6961DA B6961CA

HP-UX B7020AA/BA B7021AA HP-UX B6951AA B6951BA

Solaris B7020DA/CA B7021DA Solaris B6951DA B6951CA


1x drive 1x 61-250/unlimited slots 1x upgrade to unlimited slots


Online Backup LTU Zero Downtime LTU Instant Recovery LTU

B7023CA/DA B7026CA/DA Windows & Linux

4. Manager of Managers Manager of Managers LTU 1x system BA155AA/BA154AA BA153AA/BA BB618AA / BA B7100AA/B7101AA B7102AA B7022BA/DA

CD only

Additional Options

Open File Backup LTU Encryption LTU Media Operations LTU Direct Backup LTU

1x enterprise server/5x workstations 1x 1-server/1x10-servers 1x system, all platforms

1x2,000/10,000 media 1x unlimited media 1x TB /10x TB, NDMP

CD only/manuals only 1x TB /10x TB, HP XP

B7129AA/B7128AA B7027AA/DA

Famille HP StorageWorks D2D

D2D2500 D2D4106 D2D4112 Dduplication HP StoreOnce Rplication des donnes via HP StoreOnce Choix des cibles de sauvegarde NAS(CIFS/NFS) ou VTL pour les applications de sauvegarde Montage en rack 1U 2 et 4 To de capacit brut (1.5 et 3To utiles) Jusqu 450Go/hr de donnes sauvegarde* Montage en rack 2U + kit de mise niveau 2U 6 12 To de capacit brut (4.5 9 T utiles) Jusqu 800Go/hr de donnes sauvegardes* Montage en rack 2U + kit de mise niveau 2U 12 24 To de capacit brut (9 18 To utiles) Jusqu 1,3To/hr de donnes sauvegardes* Montage en rack 4U + Kit de mise niveau 4U Evolutif de 12 48To an capacit brut (9 36 To utiles) Jusqu 2,4To/hr de donnes sauvegardes* Montage en rack 4U + kit de mise niveau 2U 24 to 96 To de capacit brut (18 72 TB utiles) Jusqu 4To/hr de donnes sauvegardes* D2D4312 D2D4324

2 interfaces Ethernet 1GbE

2 interfaces Ethernet 1GbE OU FC

2 interfaces Ethernet 1GbE ET FC

2 interfaces Ethernet 10Gb ET 2 FC 8Gb (plus 2 interfaces 1GbE)

2 interfaces Ethernet 10Gb ET 2 FC 8Gb (plus 2 interfaces 1GbE)

Hardware RAID 5

Hardware RAID 6

Hardware RAID 6

Hardware RAID 6

Hardware RAID 6

*les performances dpendent de plusieurs paramtres voir pour les livres blancs`

StoreOnce Une architecture modulaire

Permet un dploiement et une intgration flexibles
Architecture 64 bits modulaire Interfaces claires Conue avec des composants standard Application espace utilisateur base sur un systme de fichiers standard Pas de dpendance au systme de fichier, au stockage ou lenvironnement dexploitation

Environnement dexploitation VTL



HP StoreOnce Systme de fichiers RAID

Cibles NAS pour la sauvegarde Dtails :

Partages de lecteurs CIFS et NFS utiliss comme cibles de sauvegarde pour un systme de sauvegarde HP D2D Supports sur les D2D2500/4000/4100 Crs/grs via linterface utilisateur graphique (3 onglets spars pour les modes CIFS, NFS et VTL) Supportent la dduplication sur un partage unique Supportent la rplication faible bande passante entre botiers D2D (CIFS vers CIFS, NFS vers NFS, VTL vers VTL) Supportent jusqu 24 cibles de sauvegarde sur le D2D4112 (moins sur les autres modles) Possibilit de combiner les cibles CIFS, NFS et VTL dans le mme botier En principe les applications de sauvegarde ne requiert pas de licences additionnelles

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