 Also known as The Indian Hotels Company Limited .  Founded by Shri. Jamshedji TATA in 1903  Domestic and Worldwide Operations : own and operate 76 hotels, 7 palaces, 6 private islands and 12 resorts and spas, spanning 52 destinations in 12 countries across 5 continents.  TAJ CAPE TOWN ,in South Africa being the latest addition to the huge chain in March 2010

 Employs over 13000 people
 Net Worth : ` 2,688.75 Cr. (2009-2010) From ` 3046.90 Cr. (2008-2009)  Net profit : ` 218 Cr. (2009-2010) From ` 362 Cr. (2008-2009)

 Exclusive franchisee of The Luxury Collection brand of Starwood Hotels (Sheraton) . being the latest addition to the huge chain in October 2009.Bengaluru.  India’s 2nd Largest Hotel Chain . operating under 4 brands.  Net profit : ` 216 Cr. (2009-2010) From ` 316 Cr. . (2008-2009)  ITC Royal Gardenia.  Launched in 1975 with Chola Sheraton in Chennai. Subsidiary Company of ‘ Indian Tobacco Company’.  100 hotels at more than 80 locations in India.

Asia's Best Hotels in Individual Cities . ∞ In 2009 Ranked 11 in the top 100 World's most reputable companies by Forbes Magazine ∞ Travel Poll 2010 . ∞ In 2009.The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower in Mumbai and The Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi.∞ ITC Royal Gardenia. Bengaluru achieved the distinction of being the world’s largest GREEN hotel. ∞ ITC-Welcomgroup was declared Hewitt Best Employer in India & Asia 2009. . Kaya Kalp spa in Agra was rated as the world’s best spa by the British Tatler magazine.

2008 . Others 6% 13% * Basis % retail values. 50% Hotel Leela Venture Ltd. Ltd. 11% ITC-WelcomGroup LTD.Domestic Market Share* ( % ) 20% Indian Hotels Co. EIH Ltd.


( 2009-10) • Borrowings up from ` 1766.55 Cr. (2008-09) to ` 2.47 Cr.650.• Effective and efficient management techniques Sales and marketing • Global presence • Stylish variety of hotels • Taj Air – an exclusive charter service • Successful Management initiatives • Still recovering from Terror Attack. (2009-10 ) . • Urgent need for budget and mid market hotels Slow implementation • Net Profit down 35 % at ` 153 Cr.

. Terrorist activities. • Global slowdown.etc. travel advisories. H1N1 pandemic.• Rapid expansion in both International and Domestic destinations Rising income • Tourism sector leading to rapid growth in markets in India • Enhanced product portfolio • Competition from Growing presence of international hospitality chains .


• • • • Group ranks number 2 4 Diversifies Brands Sales and marketing Excellence of its cuisine • Buying land on basis of Astronomical factors remains a key hurdle • No Global Presence • Slow implementation .

.• Increase in tourism • Rising income • Open sky benefit • Luxury hotels competing on the home front • Fluctuation in international tourist arrival due to Social & Economic Factors.


The fortune hotels Taj Safaris are India's first and only wildlife lodges circuit.the premium 4star taj vivanta’s • Mid-market. taj exotica range.the two star economy in ginger renamed gateway ITC Hotels • Luxury.the gateway hotels • Value segments.five star welcome hotels. ‘luxury collection’ with starwood • Premium-The welcome heritage hotels • Mid-market. taj safaris • premium. allowing experience to the unparalleled beauty of the Indian jungle amidst luxurious surroundings .Competitive Strategies “Area of Business” Taj Hotels • Luxury-the five-star taj palce.

• • International Clients Embassies . • • • Local Magazines Local Clients Televisions Ads. ITC Hotels • They showcase the Ancient Indian Dynasties in their ambience.Advertisement Taj Hotels • They showcase Indian Heritage through there appearance .

(GSTS – Guest Satisfaction Tracking System) – quantitative.  Measures customer satisfaction level through immediate feedbacks. ITC Hotels  ITC Hotels do Indirect Marketing: •Give discounts to dealers and travel agents on booking. Also they have a CFS (Customer Feedback System) which is more of qualitative. .Marketing Strategy Taj Hotels  Taj Hotels do Direct Marketing: •Give Discounts and deals on booking on their websites •Give rewards and discounts to frequent customers.

Business Meetings Taj Hotels 40-1100 people Auditorium style Free wi-fi Simultaneous translation in 5 languages Portable printers and laptops on hire ITC Hotels 300-500 people Regular arrangement Wi-fi charges applicable Translation available in single language Printing facility available .

000/.Accommodation Facilities Taj Hotels  Spacious rooms  Room rate starting from ` 7.500/ Mini 9-hole golf course  Green rooms available as a part of EARTH initiative ITC Hotels  Comparatively smaller  Room rate starting from ` 13.with complimentary room upgrades.  No golf course  No green rooms .

Dublin. .Infrastructure and Cuisines Taj Hotels  Modern architecture  Vietnamese cuisine available  25% off on the bar on weekends for residents ITC Hotels  Reminiscent of the Buddhist cave temples  mauryan dynasty inspired interiors  Best Indian restaurant in the world ‘Bukhara’.  Has one of world’s top 25 Bars.

Taj Hotels attracts customers but doesn’t have any Brand Recognition .Brand Recognition Taj Hotels Kafe Fontana ITC Hotels Masala Art ITC Hotels have created a brand recognition with Restaurants like Bukhara. Dampukht. Dublin.

natural disasters and other tragic events. . Implementing schemes such as the Gangroti Glacier Clean-Up Expedition. which follows 'Reduce. Reuse and Recycle‘ policy. ITC-Welcomgroup has taken a positive step by employing people who are differently abled across its hotels. ITC Hotels  WelcomEnviron is ITCWelcomgroup's vision for a green world.  The Taj Public Service Welfare Trust  Objective is to provide immediate relief to all victims of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. ITC Green Centre: Headquarter of ITC hotel Business is now a Green Building. This trust will continue its services in future covering relief to victims of sudden acts of violence.Social Responsibilities Taj Hotels EARTH EARTH (Environment Awareness & Renewal at Taj Hotels).

. Members enjoy attractive savings when they dine & entertain with the Culinary Plus Card with discounts on: • Food • • • Beverages Gourmet Shop Room Rents TAPP Me is meant for customers in the travel trade.Reward Programmes Taj Hotels Frequent guests at the Taj earn points and enjoy exciting benefits and services around the world. ITC Hotels The Taj Advantage Plus is a programme designed for the corporate customers.

599/• Spa packages.Jiva Spas starting ` 23.700/- ITC Hotels • WelcomeBreak packagescomplimentary night and room upgrade starts at ` 13.000/- • Culinary packages starting at ` 16.Latest Marketing Campaign Taj Hotels • Monsoon packagescomplimentary night.799/- .Kaya Kalp starting at ` 23.000/• Spa packages. starts at ` 3250/• Culinary journeys starting at ` 15.

it tells us the obvious: that Indian hotels are now among the world’s best. "The real success story is of the hotel industry as a whole.What does all this tell us?  Well. But it also tells us something deeper: the hotel industry is one of modern India’s big success stories. It has taken on the global chains on its own terms." .

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