Shale Gas (Strategic Imperative for India


Biren Gandhi

Petroleum System .

Shale Gas  Shale Gas means natural gas generated in-situ and retained in Shale matrix storage. adsorbed onto organic particles. or within fractures in shales of source rock origin and obtained there form through boreholes. .

Why? .

Prospective Basins .India  Schlumberger identified reserves in range of 6002000 TCF EIA’s latest forecast suggest recoverable reserves in Range of 63 TCF  .

Fracking – Hydraulic Fracturing .

Shale Gas – Game Changer for USA .

Development of Block .Issues . high content of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Treatment of water required 2) Ground Water Pollution 1) 2) 3) Land Acquisition 4) Co.India 1) Water Management 1) Require large volume of water~3-4 million gallons per well (11000 to 15000 cubic metres of water required for drilling / hydro fracturing depending upon the well type and Shale characteristics).

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