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A pioneer in the Indian detergent powder market, Surf Excel has constantly upgraded itself over the years,

to answer the constantly changing washing needs of the Indian homemaker. Surf Excel is the oldest detergent brand to be present in INDIA since 1960 Surf Excel to say that dirt is good.

It promotes that kids learn & express their creativity and it bolsters their immune systems. Along with dirt being an obstacle towards play = experience = learning In 2005 & 2006 Surf launched Paint and Games Masti.

Product Innovation:
Unilever launched Surf Excel Quick Wash in India. Surf Excel quick wash is powered with a pathbreaking technology- it reduces water consumption and time taken for rinsing by 50%. It is a significant benefit, given the acute water scarcity in most of India. The detergent uses half as much water as traditional brands, saving an estimated 14 billion litres of water each year. The company sales are increased by 27% in the first six months of 2008 in India.

It consults all 3 trade models (General trade, Local modern trade, and International modern trade) while designing Packaging for Surf Excel. Packaging should be to create impulsive desires, and it should stand out among its competitors.

Innovative advertisement
1st national detergent brand on TV. Commercial ads through NET & SMS. Participating & Organize children festival. Sales promotion through aggressive planning. Surf Excel changes its rational appeal to emotional appeal marketing messages: Eg: Sasti cheez or Achchi cheez mefarak hota hai to Daag Dhoondte rah jaogeto to Daag Acche Hain


1837, William Procter and James Gamble start making and selling their detergent. In 1991, Procter & Gamble India launched Ariel detergent. Compact Detergent The Enzyme Technology Smart Eyes Superior cleaning in a choice of fragrances

1837, William Procter and James Gamble start making and selling their detergent.

ARIEL target market includes Middle Class, Upper Middle Class and Upper Classes of the population. PRODUCT RANGE

ARIEL SILK: Especially for silk and delicate clothes. ARIEL SMART: for woolen clothes and blazers. ARIEL INSTANT: for removing stain immediately. ARIEL BAR: dissolution bar especially for washing machines.

A product of P&G, world leader in detergent segment. Epitomize stain removal, even the toughest stain in 1st wash. Pioneered the use of enzyme tech. 1st to introduce different fragrances in detergent. replacing cardboard shipping boxes on Ariel with seal-tight plastic bags,

Seal tight polyethylene bags are used which are recyclable, these bags require 80% less packaging material than boxes, take up 20% less space during transport and storage The packaging can be opened without tools, it is easier to handle


Ariel with Actilift the another new concept in washing which helps in prevent particulate stains (like mud, clay) from setting into cotton fabrics. Ariel with Febreze introduced a new scent to make fabrics smell great.

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